Best motorcycle gps systems…


Quick question… Motorcycle gps systems… Which one is better?? All opinions welcome…

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  1. I like being lost.

  2. I use my phone, does the same thing.

  3. I use a cheap nuvi 765t Garmon, its been through numerous rain storms with no ill effect so far. its been on my bike for 5 years, but I do take it in when the bike is parked. I like it as it transmits to my bikes radio on FM and it also hold an SD card with a lot of my music on it as well that plays thru the FM

  4. Garmin Zumo. I use the 660 because I have no use for XM since I use my Goldwing for XM. We have the cheaper NUVI’s in our cars… and also use smart phones…. but would not use them on my motorcycle for two reasons. One is it is not waterproof and I don’t want to deal with covering it or taking it down in rain. Second is the touchscreen is not NEAR as good as the ZUMO and does not work well with gloves on. Zumo’s are expensive… but like many things… you get what you pay for. You asked which is better… not cheapest, so hands down… the ZUMO’s. The 660 I like is discontinued but maybe could be found. I think the Zumo 390 would be the current comparable.

  5. I refuse to pay $500 more for a GPS that is waterproof…. get a nice size Garmin with lifetime updates for $200 and a couple quart size ziplock sandwich bags…

  6. If you have a Samsung S5 or higher they are Waterproof. I also use a rubber plug in the head phone jack. You can enable a feature if you wear gloves so it can still be used.

  7. My GPS is a sticky note with directions written on it and taped to my wind screen. Mostly because I can’t make up my mind. Costs way to much and then not like it.

  8. The discontinued Zumo 660 I have and recommend can be had new on eBay for $326 which includes lifetime maps. Almost half what I paid new for mine.
    Look at this on eBay

    Real good price… and no rain condoms… LOL

  9. Put my phone in a baggie when it rains.

  10. Gary, that’s not a bad price….

  11. I have used the cheap car type Garmin GPS s on my bike for years. Made my own holder for them too. Only down side is on long trips not being waterproof I have to put it in a ziplock and in my pocket if the rain gets too heavy. I hate to admit it but my wife gave me a motorcycle Gramin GPS over a year ago and I never have bothered to use it instead. Still in the box. Will have to change everything out to use it since my homemade mount will no longer be needed. I really should do that one day. LOL

  12. have been using a Garmin Nuvi 52LM for a couple of years on both the Harleys and KLR …cheap at Best Buy, easy to waterproof, bright enough display that the only time it "washes out" is in bright direct sunlight and the way i have it mounted that rarely happens if i am seated on the bike.

  13. Have had the same zumo 450 for about 8 years now with no problems!

  14. I use my phone

  15. Used this car type Garmin GPS including a 2700 mile New England trip. Never leave home without one 😉

  16. I married the best GPS you could ever get! Being lifetime HOG members we get a new road atles every year. So when we leave on a trip she pulls out the pages we need for the whole trip and from the back seat she tells me where to go! That didn’t sound right! But for 37 years she’s never got us lost! She folds up the page and when she’s not using it she keeps it in her coat cuff or if she’s wearing glove she puts it in the gountlet.

  17. I use an Atlas.

  18. I base my route, by where the KOA camp grounds are located along my route, to my finish location

  19. Good Lord, this question is just like "oil" question!!!! You everything from A to Z, but most of the opinions are based on level of "tight-waddedness". From the "I use a $20 gps and put a sandwich bag on it when it rains" (but you can’t see that sucker unless it’s almost dark or dark outside, and you can’t use it while wearing gloves), to the people who know that quality doesn’t come cheap. The Garmin Zumo units are FAR superior to ANY car unit made by ANY manufacturer. So in conclusion, you can go CHEAP and get a unit that’s hard to see in daylight, that you need a good supply of generic sandwich bags (because Glad bags cost too much, LOL) to TRY to protect it in the rain, that only runs on an internal battery that inconveniently dies when you need it most….OR you can skip a couple months of dining out at your favorite restaurant and save up for a Garmin Zumo model that is MADE for use on motorcycles.

  20. Garmin…been using them for 13 yrs

  21. don’t use one I don’t want all that tech crap cluttering up my ride just my opinion but you guys have fn with it lol

  22. I like the TomTom rider 2 completely waterproof blue tooth enabled and can load maps from google maps has 3.5 in screen I have had two models now for over 6 years works great. I get mine off of EBay

  23. Tom Tom price right around 350 on Ebay

  24. Cell phone on a mount.

  25. Why dont people just use the free navi on there phone

  26. Touring atlas

  27. I’ve seen some awesome ones friends had, but they are expensive. I just use my old cheap plain garmin with a zip lock bag and twist tie over it if it rains. Mostly, I just use a map and tape directions to my windshield, but I like the GPS when I have to ride through a city or congested area. I always check a map too because the GPS isn’t always right so I make sure I know the route from a map.

  28. I like traffic info as well from my phone GPS. Waze is great to show hazards ahead and where the local police are.

  29. The only feature I looked for was waterproof, I still use an outdated Nuvi 550. Gets me where I’m going, most of the time …

  30. Tom Tom Rider with blue tooth, sync it to my Sena Headset. I also spent $10 on a sun shade to increase visibility. Used to have $100 car gps in a $15 waterproof case. Visibility was really poor looking through the plastic cover and with the sun shining on it. The Tom Tom Rider has better visibility, easily disconnects for safe keeping in my locked saddle bag when I get off the bike. Ride safe.

  31. I prefer the Manually Authenticated Planning System. 😉

  32. Oh I carry those too!

  33. just follow your nose way more fun

  34. Garmin 665. Bluetooth to helmet, water proof, use Base Camp to make routes to upload to GPS. Touratech cradle to keep it locked to the bike unless I no snatch and grab.

  35. Garmin 2578 works in car and on bike. Costs 200.00 bucks.. When you buy things that are specific you pay more.

  36. I like my 665 Garmin.Life maps,xm,blue tooth, and water resist.

  37. LOL, bought a Garmin 276C in 2005 waiting for it to fail to upgrade, it may be a while.

  38. I was a zip lock Garmin user when I had my Sporty. When I bought my Street Glide, I sucked it up and bought the Zumo 665 designed for motorcycle. Love how it integrates into my stereo! Oh… and no more ziplocks!

  39. Boom 6.5, does everything and you can pre load your trips as well as save your favorites. I have Charleston on Speed Dial

  40. My first was a quest 2! What a piece of crap! Ha

  41. Google maps on cellular. Smarter, free updates and more info.

  42. I use my phone

  43. Garmin Zumo 590LM. A little pricey but you asked about the best. Has a "curvy roads" feature that’s totally worth the total cost of the GPS IMHO.

  44. No need for waterproof models, ziplock bag over the top works fine. Do get the biggest display face you can. I prefer the Tom-Tom brand

  45. I have the Garmin 660 Zumo. I like it.:) I have it wired to the bike so it comes on with the bike. I wear single blue tooth ear piece so I can hear the directions in my ear.

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