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Tent preferences: It’s that time to replace. Cat pee and broken zippers have taken their toll. What is your favorite motorcycle camping tent and WHY? Give me features that make your tent livable! Could you live in it for a year? In the rain? In the wind? In the heat and sunshine? How do you tent – with pad? with cot? move every day or every two weeks? under tent bike repairs?

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  1. If you are looking for something you can live in for a year you are not looking for something you can easily pack on a motorcycle or even in a motorcycle trailer.

    For easy setup and tiny size I like the Kelty Salada 2. It is well built and fits in a saddlebag. It holds 2 if you like to snuggle and has a vestibule for gear. Good 3 season tent. For year long use I would suggest the Springbar Campsite 3 tent. Packs to the size of a duffel bag or large backpack minus the poles. Large enough you can stand up in and setup a small chair and table in, has an awning you can park your bike under, and will withstand constant weather, wind, and sun with minimal maintenance. It weighs a fair amount (around 60lbs) but will likely outlast you if properly cared for.

  2. Isn’t that the catch! ? I mainly mean perhaps a little room to not drive oneself crazy and be able to have at least the illusion of private space.

  3. No nylon tent will last under constant use, doesn’t matter how expensive or nice it is, the materials just were not designed for that kind of use. If you are looking for a tent to double as a year long home even that springbar will be taxed and I would suggest both a outer and inner ground cloth to protect the floor and a tarp for some UV protection. A wall tent would be better, but you would be hard pressed to get even a small one into a car, and can just forget a MC trailer (plus setup and take down would be nightmarish). Most “camping” gear is sadly just designed for a couple weeks a year of use.

  4. Take a look at Redverz, either the single model or the Atacama. Worth the $ in my opinion especially if you’re going to keep it a long time. I’ve never parked my bike in the vestibule but I could. Makes a nice lounging area that can be closed up for privacy.

  5. Smith Yes, I’m thinking periods of time (1-2 weeks) and single days throughout a year will be more realistic and the reality with hostel and work-trade options in between. I’ll be living off of the bike but not necessarily camping the whole time.

  6. That will help greatly since it will allow you to take down and maintenance the tent regularly. If I had to go out tomorrow for a similar adventure that spring-bar is what I would take hands down.

  7. I’m also only 5’2′ and petite, so weight ratio is a bigger concern.

  8. While heavy, I imagine you would not be carrying it far. Also you could carry the poles, tent, awnings, ground tarps, stakes separately if needed depending on how you pack it up. They are really easy to setup with a single person, but the tension bars do require a little force or learning a trick (youtube it) to setup.

  9. Oregon to Mexico to Panama – I meant heavy for bike gear vs heavy off the bike ?

  10. Redverz, things I like: place to park the bike (you can do maintenance in the rain and not get wet) you can stand up to put your pants on. If you leave the bike out there’s plenty of room either shade or out of the weather. The guy ropes have little pockets for when they’re not in use. Its a double wall tent so very little chance of getting wet. Lots of ventilation. Plenty of room inside. I’m sure there’s more but those are the big ones.

  11. The redvers is the way to go even has a tent to sleep in inside the bigger tent that’s got a big air gap so it doesn’t get wet inside. Your warm bike will even keep it warm in there.. Rubber floor so sleeping area stays dry.. I couldn’t tell ya all of the great things about that thing. It’s simply the best.. Not cheap but it doesn’t have to save you to many hotel rooms to pay for itself. Packs smaller than its claim

  12. I like my Coleman Hooligan 2 tent. Easy to set up, only two poles. Full rain fly, bathtub floor, take off the rain fly and the entire tent is screened for summer nights. If you’re 5′ 2″, you’d almost be able to walk into the tent without bending over. Can easily sleep two with a 7×6 floor space, but is damned spacious for one person. Cons-you can’t put it in a side bag and it isn’t backpacking weight light.

  13. google REDVERZ…an answer to all of your questions


    I have had this tent in lots of climates it is easy, solid, well designed. I have used it in all 4 seasons.

  15. Coleman,timberline…Eurkea…all great tents…..what you like the most

  16. I’ve had a few Eurkea’s over the years for backpacking and car camping.

  17. If I wasn’t 57 years and 5′ 11″ (and driving a sidecar with a dog) I’d consider something else, but the Redverz Atacoma is the best! They have a smaller size.

  18. Military Canvas Tent…but they are big.

  19. I was using a camper you lay down in but when you get dressed or have to pee, you had to get outside. We bought these one minute tents at Walmart fo $ 100, you can stand up inside, packs in the box it came in, just a few inches longer than the small tents. Highly recommend.

  20. I prefer a 4 person tent with enough head height to get dressed inside


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