Best LED Headlight Kit 05 Ultra Classic


Can anyone give me a link 2 the best 3-piece LED headlight kit that’ll fit an 05 Ultra Classic I’m trying to keep it under a hundred twenty bucks thank you in advance

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  2. EBay paid $85 for lights and $17 for mounting bracket.

  3. I bought mine on ebay, two passing lamps and headlight for around that price. Product is made by a company called “Xprite” love’em on my 06!

  4. I did all three lights from amazon. Get the one with the back ring. I have an 05 classic and it fit perfectly. Was 139 cdn so about $105-110 US.

  5. $140.00 for all three at Harley.

  6. Amazon…Sunpie for $115.00. Myself and 5 of my friends and others on here have them. And speaking for myself, I love them. And a lot cheaper then Harley wants.

  7. I saw the Sunpie’s and heard many great things about them from others who purchased and installed. I bought these instead because of the higher wattage/lumens. Love em!

  8. Just bought these on eBay 80w $85


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