Best insurance without getting raped?


Best insurance without getting raped? ??Got a call from the dealership saying the bike came in so now I’m just trying to find the best insurance to go through. So far the cheapest I found was $150 a month

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  1. A month 😰? We pay that a YEAR in the UK!

  2. About where i am, $134 per month for me through progressive

  3. Dairy Land Insurance

  4. $150 a month!? Damn. I just looked up what I pay and it’s $499 for the YEAR. I bundle with my auto and renters with State Farm.

  5. Progressive in ohio…a tad over 200/yr

  6. Jesus.. I’m getting screwed in ny. Everyone’s paying like 200-500 A year and the cheapest I got was 1800 a year 😒

  7. I gotta get collision and comp because it’s a brand new bike. Sooo

  8. I do not have insurance on my bike, it’s optional for bikes in the state of FLORIDA….

  9. God I hate ny…

  10. geico started me at $109 a month.. just dropped to $95.. but i already had car insurance through them

  11. Wow. I pay 480 a year. For complete coverage with statefarm

  12. Seriously…how is everyone’s so cheap?!? I don’t have any speeding tickets or anything and had 5 years of experience riding. Wtf

  13. I have 2 cars and house through them as well. But idk how that would lower the cost that much.

  14. I would check all the major ones. I’m with geico and pay $800 a year for full coverage on my z650. I also have a spotless driving record and am 35.

  15. Rider’s insurance…$90/month full coverage

  16. I pay 180 a month

  17. Yeah like Adam Schramm says , riders is the cheapest . check to see if they’re available in your state. (I think he pays too much though, I pay a lot less than that through Geico because I can’t get riders where I am)

  18. But a lot is going to depend on your age, driving history, and coverage numbers…so asking me (spotless driving record) and Joe Blow, 12 speeding tickets and 4 accidents… Will give you different results

  19. Dairy land. $58/month

  20. I have Allstate, full coverage, with 2 other vehicles already on my policy and the bike is $75/mth.

  21. $70/month with liberty mutual full coverage 500 deductable

  22. $40/month state farm i’m in ny. Your age and driving record will play a factor.

  23. Dam I pay $80 a month full coverage on my 15 r1 in California.

  24. I have State Farm and it’s 75 a month for full coverage for me . I’m 23

  25. Full coverage? Or liability? Full coverage that seems like a fair deal.

  26. Full coverage

  27. Dairyland has nice full coverage. About $750 annuallyv

  28. Try to bundle as many of your policies into one company. Have my house, 2 cars, and my motorcycle through one company and full coverage for the bike comes out to $65 a month

  29. Riders…..576 a year and I got a 2 year old dui in PA and bike is a 2015

  30. I’m in new york as well, 272.90 a month, my 2016 Yamaha fz-07 was only 125 a month but after I hit a deer and totaled it they of course raised my insurance, and I have full coverage on my 2017 fz-09 since it’s financed, all state is my insurance

  31. 25 years old, 50$ a month, no bundle, 2015 FZ-09 3k miles. Dairyland

  32. Dairyland I was 19 and got 90 a month for full coverage

  33. Progressive, $122/month full coverage after getting 10% discount for MSF course 2017 FZ-09 and that’s in NY

  34. Seems like dairyland is trying to give progressive a run for their money now. Alot of my friends are going with them over progressives quotes.

  35. $40 a month from dairyland

  36. Dairyland 50 bucks a month and I’ve been though them for a total loss on my other fz09 never had a problem paid full price for my bike .

  37. Mine was 113 a month with progressive

  38. 224$ par annee fz09 2014\nssq assurance assurer full full full donc 20.24 $ par mois

  39. Try dairyland i only pay 45 for full coverage

  40. I just changed from Geico to USAA today and saved $50 on my monthly.

  41. I pay 39 full coverage with 1000 deductable but I have a primary vehicle witch lower my rate a lot.

  42. I’m in CT and GEICO was by far the cheapest for me. Less than half of what the runner up wanted.

  43. I pay 76 a yr through progressive on my new 16 fz09 Full coverage, no medical coverage but I have reg insurance for that

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