Best Helmet for FZ-07


What’s the best helmet for these bikes? Modular? Dual sport? Full face? Currently have a icon airmada gt and it’d pretty loud.

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  1. They are all pretty loud unless you want to drop $500+ on a Shoei or Arai. I ride with an Airmada also.

  2. I have a scorpion exo R710 and it isn’t too bad

  3. Ls2 pioneer

  4. I have a $800 Shoei and it is still pretty loud.

  5. The RF1200 is my goto. One of the quietest helmets out there.

  6. Everyone has there own opinion , but the correct answer is which ever one fits u the best , Shoei makes the best helmet but it’s pricey , Bells new line up is dope , I rock a hjc modular helmet and I’ll never go back to a full face unless it’s track day nothing beats hawking a Luggie going 80 or taking a quick drink at a red light with out taking ur helmet off plus u can take a quick puff

  7. Shoei gt air is quietest I’ve owned. Also best venting helmet I’ve owned.

  8. I just use the HJC that i got with the bike

  9. I use a dual sport style. Icon Variant to be exact. It’s loud, you can expect it on lots of helmets if your gonna ride a naked. Unfortunately you’ll either have to wear earplugs, or drop big money on a helmet that’s known for being extremely quiet

  10. I preordered the Ruroc Atlas Sport Trail, unfortunately when I get it, I won’t be able to test it out until summer in Michigan

  11. I have an Arai XD-4, and it’s super loud. Not only that, but the visor really beats uo your neck after an hour or more at 70+ mph. I know I can take the visor off, but I wanted it for sun protection.I just ordered a Shoei RF-1200, and plan on getting the photochromic shield for it.

  12. I have a gt air and its still loud. EARPLUGS is the best way. Not headphones turned up loud enough to drown out the wind.

  13. Once more I’m glad I’m deaf. No worries about unwanted noises lol

  14. Scorpion exo 750 or 950, can’t remember. Absolutely love this helmet. They ship with the adaptors so you can take viser off or chin off and ride with goggles. Modular and pretty snug so I think quiet. But I’ve got an M4. Put the sena 20s in this and ride 90% of the time with shield up and sunscreen down. For tons of air on face.

  15. The best helmet is one comfortable enough to wear regularly.

  16. Yeah just get some earplugs. Or headphones. I love listening to heavy metal while I ride. The head banging doesn’t help tho and people think I’m crazy

  17. AGV Corsa cuts through wind like nothing. My Arai pushed on my face because it isn’t aerodynamic at all. They aren’t real loud, but not super quiet either. Earplugs

  18. I have the agv k3 Av matte black love that helmet.

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