Best helmet for about $600 ?


Best helmet for about $600 ? Got an insurance check coming for a new lid and had my eye on this shoei but seems like id be paying more for the graphics cuz the flat colors of the RF1200 are quite a bit cheaper.

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  1. Check out agv for that price too

  2. I have the base black, its cool but gotten louder and I am no sure why. I have had it since october so it could be time to replace pads and my chin curtain is super stretched. Sometimes I am not sure if the helmet is venting or not until I come to a stop sweat a little then move. I do not regret buying the helmet by far my last was a scorpion EXO-400 I was loud but i did like it. I don’t think you would be totally disappointed but I do feel there are some short comings, people i know that went from this to AGV seem happier.

  3. For $600 you could buy almost any premium helmet in a solid. I picked up a x14 for under that price

  4. I’ll see what’s up. So what AGV model is comparable to this ?

  5. Isnt there different lines of the corsa?

  6. Find one that fits you correctly.

  7. I wear shoei and bell predominately. Tried a few agv and they just don’t work for me. I have an arai now but it’s kinda odd fitting.

  8. Arai Quantum X or Signet X, depending on headshape. Or the Defiant too, all three have different shapes, so whichever fits best.

  9. Best thing I have learned is try them on, you may not like what preferred by others

  10. Matte black x14

  11. Or a close out corsa

  12. Found this one for $600. I like it a lot. The field of vision is so large that it took some getting used to.. My last Arai was a little more comfy though.

  13. You need an ecu flash from nick marino

  14. Suomy SR is a very nice helmet.

  15. Yea ima scope out a few. Only thing is I don’t have alot of places around me that carries them so would be hard for me to try others on

  16. I see you upped it to a 15 very nice let’s ride again soon bro lol

  17. guys that are running the corsa, can you fit your Sena bluetooth in there without it being to uncomfortable ?

  18. I switched to shoei gt air.. over run the rf for years also great helmet

  19. Nexx makes nice helmets

  20. I paid around 600 for both my shoei gt-air helmets. They are both graphics.

  21. Airoh Gp500 or ST701

  22. it dont affect me cause i dont ride track. but i personally like my carbon fiber icon variant . Its snug and has room for the sena. Had a shoie rf1100 before it, id rather wear the variant. Alot of people on here arent a fan of them. I have no complaints

  23. I was thinking of getting this color scheme but thinking it might be to much blue considering my bike is blue.

  24. The rf-1200 is a nice helmet. I high-sided kinda nasty this spring and luckily broke my fall with the helmet. Minor concussion was all I got and I’m totally happy with that performance.

  25. Lol black on black tho

  26. My old rf saved my life

  27. forgot to add, if you get the 1200 do not attach any go pro mount. mine became unstable once i removed them all back to normal.

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