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Hi all. Can anyone recommend the best footwear for Raynaud’s (I live in the UK). I am so nervous for the winter coming! This will be my first full winter with Raynaud’s. (last winter I was unaware of what Raynaud’s was!)

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  1. I swear by my uggs, I bought the leather ones thou x

  2. Uggs for me too

  3. Do you have Raynaud's and Chilblains? If Raynaud's than Uggs if you can wear them I couldn't because they cause my chilblains to itch more than they already do! (I didn't think that was possible) double your socks. Buy as close to natural (i.e. leather) as you can. Keep your feet well lubricated to avoid dryness and sores. I use 100% Shea butter from Africa and pure coconut oil (I love it on my hands too!) Good luck with your search. Ohhh, and if your toes are really sensitive I would buy shoes one or two sizes up… having said that I have narrow feet and it is hard to find things that will stay on. Boots are the easiest. Good luck!

  4. I have ugg boots but my toes still go white and painful. I am also dreading the cooler weather. Hate winter

  5. Was told by consultant to wear 2pairs mens fine lambs wool socks from M&s as they are the best heat trappers. I have UGG slippers but once my feet are cold they tend to keep them cold..

  6. I bought sorel pack boots. Love them. Dry and warm

  7. I'm worried about the winter also the mornings are all ready getting cold and my hands and feet are suffering.. Think I might hibernate for the winter x

  8. I'm the same as you suffered all winter not knowing, i got ugg boots an doubled up on socks, one normal one fluffy pair, am doing not to bad here over in Ireland, can't take medication so a bit worried too, goodluck hun x

  9. I wear loose top socks so they don't restrict in anyway and thermal innersoles in all shoes and boots, I find thinner layers work for me. Good luck x

  10. I wear docs and big cosy socks and my feet are normally fine xx

  11. I tried uggs but gave them away after a week totally useless! Tights and socks all the way with thermal boots

  12. I have foot warmers covered by wool socks.

  13. I use cold weather hunting socks (just any old thick socks doesn't help) and either Uggs or BearPaw boots.

  14. Heated socks is the only way to go – I purchased my first pair at the start of this winter ( Tasmanian winters are pretty cold) ….NO (not even a hint) of chilblains and I couldn't get over how happy I was to have warm feet. I've also now purchased the glove liners for walking and camping trips. All up these heated products are the best investment I've ever made.

  15. I'm dreading it too. This heatwave in England and two weeks of lovely heat in Greece and I had no symptoms for ages. Been back in my coat and boots this week. Already sick of people commenting on how many layers I have on. Not had to resort to gloves yet but not long. Thick wool socks and boots for me. Tons of layers. Hate it.

  16. Mukluks, wool socks, sheepskin boot liners.

  17. I wear ski socks or knee long wolly socks. I find shoe wise that sketcher and trainers with gel are the best, as well as shoezone boots or Ella's. ­čÖé

  18. Goood place for socks with wool up to the knee

  19. The medium and thick Icebreaker socks are the best!

  20. I love my Whisper boots from Hotter – they have fake fur linings and thick rubber soles which keep the cold out (and despite being Hotter they aren't at all Granny-ish!)

  21. I haven't found anything that will keep my feet warm

  22. Not sure but do you guys have what we call Hot Hands?? Please find you some they make being outside possible..they make them for feet too if it's really cold I put the in shoes and mittens and even in my pants pockets to keep heat in..hope this can help someone…stay warm all!!

  23. Not sure if this tid bit will help anyone else either but I always wore gloves outside when in actual reality it separates your fingers….mittens keep your finger together hence holding in the heat. Sometimes the little things can make a world of difference!!

  24. I always wear thermal socks… And uggs

  25. I would wear gloves AND mittens together – or if possible two pairs of gloves.

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