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Hey guys, Have seen you guys talk about air filters and want to ditch my stock pos. What is the model number of the Uni you guys recommend for my 2016 800 ex eps and where did you order it from? If it helps, I am in California.

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  1. The one I got is a uni filter the part number is UP-6229AST and I got mine from summit racing

  2. I got mine on amazon

  3. THIS IS FOR TWIN AIR..?. has a finer mesh…..Called my parts guy. Seems to be a difference of opinion on oiling. Steves day off other guy says oil. PJ-1 oil and cleaner are ok. Can clean with dish soap. According to the cfmoto forum the parts # 156052fr for filter and 156052dc for cover. Dealer price is 64.50. I think you can find much cheaper on line. ADDED Bought my spare on Amazon as well as a cleaning kit. It is made by twin air also.

  4. I bought uni filter up-6229ast for $15.78

  5. I also use uni filter. Either uni or twin air will get the job done. I put a outerwears pre filter over my uni but in dusty conditions this still isn’t enough. I had to re route my air intake from between seats which sucks all the dust in thats swirling in cab and sucks all the heat in off engine and ran snorkel up and dumped into bed . Sucks cleaner, cooler air .

  6. Thanks to all of you. My plan was to use either one with the PJ stuff like I use on my dirt bike. Next question is should I use the foam prefilter on top of the UNI that came with OEM paper filter on top of the UNI? Two stage or one stage on filter?

  7. Also will be watching how your snorkel works Bill. Have been watching your mods!

  8. We have a 2016 Z-500. Where can I find a part number for either the uni- or twin-air? Haven’t found anything on line that I’ve been confident with!

  9. The zforce 500 and the 800 use the same air filter the uni filter number is up-6229ast that’s what I have in my zforce 500

  10. Twinair all the way. Tried the uni, wasn’t impressed and got overrun quickly. TwinAir plus the pre-filter works great. Every unit we sell automatically goes out with one.

  11. Hey Emerson, I ordered the Uni before I saw your comment. Got it and the inside of the opening on the filter was 2 1/4 inches. Measured old paper filter and it is only 2 inches. Is this still the one to use or do they make one with a 2 inch opening?

  12. They make several different universal size ones. I’m sure ubi does make a 2″ ID filter.

  13. I just went with what others suggested assuming it was the correct size. So then it is better to exchange it I suppose then. I noticed that it said that it can be sinched down a 1/4 inch but I don’t like that idea, do you?

  14. Am also thinking about cutting the old opening off the paper filter, attaching to new filter which would extend the neck, then sinching that down with another hose clamp. Also what is the part number for the Twin Air?

  15. Don’t modify a filter. You’re just asking for failure and sand inhalation.

  16. Ty. Do you have a part number for the Twin Air then?

  17. That’s not the part number Al. That’s PU art number which limits him to them.\n\nTwinAirs part number is 156052FR and the pre-filter part number is 156052DC

  18. Thanks Emerson. Sure wish your dealership was closer.

  19. I ship parts all over the world. Technology has helped bridge the gaps 😉

  20. I was thinking more for service than parts as I am in So Cal. What is the name of your dealership again?

  21. Doing more research (instead of working) and all I keep seeing is the recommendation on the Uni is for the 2 1/4 x 6 and not the 2×6. Is anybody on here using the 2 1/4 by 6 and have they had any bad result? Are you just sinching it down tighter?

  22. Bruce Gendron I sent you a PM

  23. So today, I attempted to attach the Uni. Figured out I was looking at the measurements wrong. The original paper filter goes into the inside or female coming out of the body. The Uni on the other hand, attaches over the top of the female coming out of the body. It seemed as though the UNI was too small and would not stay on good as well as did not go deep enough? Thoughts?

  24. Regardless of what filter you chose, you MUST use the double-male adapter to attach the filter to the airbox/intake.

  25. Great…. No wonder. I think at this point maybe I will take your advice and go with the twin air. There is no adapter for that I suppose? For curiosity sake, what is the part number for the adapter? Thanks again Emerson.

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