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Alright fellow riders, I know this question is asked often and the headphones I’m using right now are shit and wired and hard to stay in my ears when I put the helmet on. What Bluetooth headphones do you all have for me to check into.

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  1. SENA all the way man

  2. What is that windscreen ??

  3. Sena. Riding will forever change with one. I have the smh10r. You will not regret one

  4. So I’ve looked into Sena and it’s just so damn expensive. I’m not sure I’d use all of it to the full potential and would feel like I wasted the money.

  5. Stoked on the Sena 30K.

  6. You can find the smh10r used for fairly cheap. It’s mostly just really nice to slip your helmet on and go. You can decide on the road if you want to listen to music.

  7. Buying the Sena 30k next week. Hopefully it’s as rad as I expect.

  8. i have the 20S it’s great for communication.. i’ve already blown the left speaker because i can’t hear anything unless it is cranked over wind noise. i’m trying to find an upgraded speaker replacement for them.

  9. SENA is the standard on these things. I didn’t think I’d use mine all the time. Turns out I use mine all the time.

  10. Sena is best way to go hands down get calls, use maps, listen to music, talk with other riders in a group share your music with rides, or listen to the built in fm radio

  11. look into the Cardo Packtalk. i wish i would have. it’s A LOT better than Sena

  12. J&M isn’t as well known as sena, but sound awesome

  13. Sena 20s. And I see you went with the proton 500 signal lights also. That is a wicked upgrade which I did on mine also.

  14. BTS2 communicator. It’s a sena for a quarter of the cost and works awesome.

  15. Wait for the sena 10c Evo

  16. I know it’s been said, but 100% sena. They can be a bit pricey, but I promise it’s worth it. First and foremost, their customer service is on point. If anything went wrong with it, they will fix it no problem, a good thing to have with any electronics. The battery life is awesome. The wind noise canceling works very well. Speakers are clear. But system out there. I actually have two myself. There are different models for your different needs. If you’re interested in a sena, let me know, I can hook you up!

  17. Senas just aren’t loud enough for me. My helmet is noisy and my bike is louder than two emus fucking.

  18. I wear earplugs and listen to music just fine. Mivv exhaust with one baffle out.

  19. Unclear has the best sounding speakers on Bluetooth coms right not with the pulse pro (plug into your Bluetooth com system) or pulse plus (standalone helmet device with 3.5mm headphone cord to plug into phone or iPod) speakers. \n\nThey make pulse plus speakers that have a 3.5mm jack on them you can just plug right into whatever you want and it’s basically like having built in headphones on your helmet without the Bluetooth but can still take calls and suck with the mic. I’ll post a link for ya it’s only $50

  20. So what’s the best Sena for the Shoei RF1200? I’d prefer the most refine device instead of the new stuff that people claim have battery and connection issues. I thought no most FZ members have the same helmet too… ?? Is the 20S still the winner? Are there exact model numbers of the 20s or is that it?

  21. I like my 20s. Just wish the speakers were a little louder. Haven’t tried any others though

  22. This is why I love this community. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the help. Not only does it benefit me, but it helps others who have the same questions. Not one comment was irrational. Love you guys thanks again.

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