Best Battery for 2013 Ninja ZX6R


HELP. my dumbass left my bike on and i came back and battery is dead lol… whats the best battery for the price . for a 2013 zx6r. i read some batteries wont work right with ABS any good reliable ones??

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  1. Just bump start it!!!

  2. Put it in second gear, pull the clutch in and run with the bike at a good speed, then jump on and dump the clutch and viola

  3. Just replace the friend

  4. Battery probably doesnt need to be replaced just charged man

  5. thanks going to try that once i get out. had to drive to to work today smh. im just sitting here thinking bout my bike all day lol

  6. If you can jump it with your car take it for a ride and your rectifier/stator should charge it if you don’t have a battery charger.

  7. If you jump start it with a car, do it with the car OFF

  8. how fast do i have to push it.

  9. 88 miles per hour….
    just kidding like 5-10ish a good jog.

  10. i just got home. she started up. didnt even have to push her. i guess it charged itself somehow lol
    should i still ride her around for a bit. or is it good


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