Best After Market Seat For FZ-09


Hey guys i know this question might have been beaten to death but i cant find the search button.. which after market seat is the best? Im thinking about just getting the yamaha comfort seat im not too worried about price i just want whats most comfy. Cheers

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  1. I got a Corbin. I like it

  2. Corbin go to biohazardcycles Thomas Stokes has the best price!

  3. I love the Yamaha comfort gel unit, a little over an extra inch of height really let my knees open and ride more comfortable. And the small step up for the passenger helps them actually vbiew more while riding, plus you will not slip on wheelies. It did take a good 500 miles or so to break it, but it’s super comfortable.

  4. Shad Comfort

  5. I have the comfort and it’s really comfy but I can’t vouch for any other brand cause I haven’t had any other.

  6. I’ve tried the Sargent, Seat Concept (tall version), and the Yamaha comfort seats. The Sargent came on the bike when I bought it and is really well made. It sits to low which is why I then bought the Seat Concept but it wouldn’t click it properly! Lastly I went with the Yamaha Comfort. I love it because of the feel AND looks. Trying to keep it sporty and the Yamaha looks the best….

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