Benelli TnT 125 First Service?


Hi Everyone. I have a question . The time is up when I have to do 1 service. Should I do it myself or go to a dealer?

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  1. I don´t know the price of the repair actually, I just got it back repaired, paid nothing at all… The dealer I got it from doesn´t want to "play" the official documents "game". He was just pissed off he has to do anything at all and then he sorted everything.. It just took him so long (two months to get the parts from asia) and then when I came to pick it, the valve timing was wrong, so the bike was not keeping the idle revs. Had to wait for another time to get data about the correct set up and as it took 3 mths overall he even delivered it to my home free of charge (I´m 80km from the shop).. But I had to threathen him to cancel the purchase as the official warranty time for resolution is 30 days by the law.

  2. I'm yet to see what is even expensive if it brakes. How much was yours in full Martina to repair? I'm not skint so maybe that's why I don't worry but for you young uns hang onto that warrantg

  3. I'm struggling with this decision also due to the number of niggly faults I've been reading about. Quite easy to maintain but if anything big goes then for the small out lay of £200 for 2 services might be worth it

  4. There is an online system they put the warranty checks in. Unless all done at the right mileage (or sooner) at the approved places you can lose your warrranty! And as you can check yourself here, it´s much appreciated to keep it.. Myself I would be f**ked if I lost it, as I got a twisted bore, baked simerings and destroyed spark plugs replaced in warranty..

  5. Cost me about £80-£85 for the first service, might as well do it to keep the warranty

  6. It's not free and it's expensive for what they do . If you can spanner to a average level there is no reason u can't do it . Oil plugs tyre pressures check handle bars etc all the important stuff is tight. Adjust chain lube it . Check brakes…..the garage will charge you for this but will only do the oil and filter(£1.19) lmao

  7. It's definitely not FREE in the UK

  8. U have free first service after 1000km to Keep warianty valid. This is when they change the oil 4 u after u' ve run the engine in.

  9. No set fee for the first service either, dealers seem to be like the insurance companies & charge what they think they can get away with

  10. Best bet is main dealer for main services as it is in the warranty guidelines and so unless you can prove it's had all services they can refuse warranty

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