Benelli TNT 125 Brake System Good?


What are people’s thoughts on standard brake set up?

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Answers ( No )

  1. CBS is shit! I removed it one week after I bought the bike. Now with standard breaking system is much better

  2. I find them . A bit soft feel for me but they work as they were designed to. They are designed so they don't lock I think.but yes I find good for small bike

  3. I read a lot of bad comments on them,picked my new bike up today and Iv just thrashed it around country roads for 25 miles and I think the brakes are good

  4. When doing skids on private land i dont want any front at all mate haha

  5. I don't have any issues with the brakes as stock

  6. To De-link the CBS does not affect the front brake at All….as it is a 3piston front caliper… With the middle piston seperate from the two other pistons.
    And the rear brake is powerfull enough to Block the rear wheel at any time…
    Brake feel is fine for such a bike.

  7. I thinks its good…

  8. All the cbs does is when you apply the rear brake pedal it sends some pressure to the front caliper which pushes piston number 2 . Doesn't have a lot of pressure but it's annoying if you wanna skid on slightly damp surfaces lol

  9. I'm happy with it but it's my first bike so I don't know any different,still tend to do 50/50 or more front brake.

  10. CBS is crap. When you remove CBS decent braking

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