Been thinking of picking up an Arai helmet


Been thinking of picking up an Arai helmet. Never spent that much on a helmet, and would like to get a second helmet. Really like my hjc cl-17, but want to know if the lid is really worth the $?

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  1. I’d go rf1200 with a transition shield IMO

  2. Probably best to hit a cycle gear and see what fits your melon the best. Nice thing about cycle gear is you pay a little more but you get 30 days to trade it in for another lid if you don’t like it

  3. Honestly though once you ride with rf1200. I don’t think you’ll be back, super low noise light weight seriously aero dynamic.

  4. You want something with a fiber glass, or carbon fiber shell. Shoei focuses on performance where as arai is uncompromising when it comes to safety.

  5. how much is your head and brain worth? It’s worth the money to get a quality helmet

  6. Make sure you get what fits your head type the best. A local motorcycle shop can help determine. Arai may not be the best for your head shape but to answer your question about it being worth the money. What would you consider your head worth? Me personally, I’d say it’s worth at least a $500-$600 helmet. Because of my head shape I prefer shoei and currently daily the rf1200 and it was well worth the money.

  7. Said before, but I want a $500 helmet to protect my head if it hits a car or pavement rather than a $100 one.

  8. I always loved the Arais I had. SUPER comfortable and quiet. If I didn’t find a modular helmet more useful for what I do, I’d still be rocking them.

  9. You guys have to understand the rating on it is for racing bikes and others are meant for street use the other good helmets but that doesn’t mean they’re not DOT rated

  10. Upgrade to an HJC RPHA series or Arai Rx-q they fit similar

  11. Check out they provide safety rating for quite a number of helmets as well as the impact rating on different parts of the helmet, you’ll be surprised some lower priced helmets score better than expensive ones

  12. About 400

  13. How do/did you like the CL17 helmet? also what paint scheme did you have?

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