Bear attack on the camper in a tent.


A quick question please. Would like opinions. After reading of that bear attack on the camper in a tent in California, it raised the question of safety. I am planning a four month bike/camping tour around North America on a Can-Am Spyder toting a Timeout Deluxe camper. I will have my 13 pound Yorkie with me.

Staying in the Timeout which is essentially a tent, often in State Parks and knowing Little Bear (the dog) could likely attract wildlife, will we be safe?

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  1. Just follow your gut…is it worth the risk? Only you can decide that

  2. All outdoor/wildlife locations will pose some risk. We had a black bear attack a tent camper here in the Smokey Mtns a while back. They do a good job of conditioning the wildlife here to stay clear of humans. Best bet is to reach out to the parks you are traveling to and see what you can do to minimize the risks. A little education, and you shouldn’t have any issues. Recommend reading Bear in the Back Seat.

  3. I guess it’s your comfort level. When you figure the number of campers and the number of attacks, the odds are extremely low that there will be a problem.

  4. Use a bear proof container for anything edible including things like toothpaste and store it a distance away from your camp, the dog in the tent might even act as a deterrent

  5. Buy yourself a can of bear mace and good containers for food

  6. Don’t bring food
    Bear proof containers (for soaps and toiletries I’ve heard can attract them)
    Bear spray
    I tent camp but always stay at private campgrounds (Koa, etc..) mostly for the bathroom/showers and electricity.
    Been through the lower 48 and parts of Canada, Never had a problem.

  7. Most places where bears are an issue already have storage boxes. You can rent Bear Spray at some locations, and carry a good firearm .45 or better.

  8. Check local laws about weapons. We’ve had some changes in carry rules in parks.

  9. I camp where there are bears. They are all over our mountains in CA. Most campgrounds in near country have near boxes for your food and hygiene items. Bears usually won’t bother you. When you see one, make lots of noise. Don’t get between a mom and her cubs.

  10. Get some bear spray and a arisol air horn . Works for me and I live in northern British Columbia

  11. No firearms for me, I’m Canadian.

  12. I see folks traveling and camping with pups all the time , if your like me you know where your dog is all the time , I’d worry more of a pup sniffing themselves lost in a strange surrounding.

  13. ……..A 13

  14. a 13# Yorkie????? Sounds like dinner to a bear!!!

  15. I don’t think your dog will attract any wild life most likely will help by alerting you that something may be around and that is a plus …if you don’t want to see any wild life just make lots of noise

  16. hell I had a bear on my front deck couple of days ago and making noise didn’t phase it in the least

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