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For those of you who have beaded seat covers, where do you find them for bikes?

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  1. I found that it depends on the person. Some folks like the fine, others hate them. I fall in the middle. I like them in the summer time to allow for better air flow but they can cause discomfort if I don’t move around enough to ensure I don’t get hot spots from the beads. I got mine off Amazon.

  2. I agree with Deb. After some hellish heat rash I got from my stock vinyl seat, I started using the beads from a company called Bead Rider. Never had to deal with that irritation again! Granted, after a while you can’t deny that you’re sitting on hard wooden beads. Since then, I’ve gone to an aftermarket leather seat and after one summer, so far so good.

  3. 20+ years using beads. Found nothing better!

  4. They steal them from NY city taxi cabs Ha Ha

  5. I bought one for a car seat for about $15 and cut it down to fit. I think they are great and use it all the time.

  6. has them

  7. Beadrider. Love them on my ST1300. Not thrilled with them on my Wing. Same beads. I will ALWAYS use them in the summer for the air flow.

  8. Working for a motorcycle parts distributer I was lucky enough to be able to test a lot of products including seat related parts (everything from beads, gel pads, sheep skins and inflatables).\nTo me the beads felt like sitting on rocks so I moved them onto my backrest and they worked perfect to keep my back from sweating on hot days. They are cheap enough to buy and try them for yourself.

  9. I use Monkey Butt power…but I hear sheep skin works great

  10. got mine on amazon ….really helps in the heat

  11. I found one the seat of someones motorcycle. I just borrowed it, but he never came back. …..I should have asked first.

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