Battery tender JR 2001 Heritage Softtail?


I have a question. Will the battery tender JR. Work for my 2001 Heritage Softtail?
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  1. I use the supersmart battery tender on mine.

  2. BT Jr on mine for the last two weeks when I was out of town. No issues. You’re good.

  3. I bought a cheapie ( $6 ) on eBay from China…works great!

  4. Yes, I use it on Mine, works Great

  5. It’s what I issues

  6. All I use on my 03!

  7. My other problem is I have no outlet to plu into. I will have to use a extension cord

  8. Hell yea it Will.

  9. Yepper. Got one on my 03 Softail right now.

  10. I just wasn’t sure if the Jr one would work

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