Bar Risers Recommendations for V-Strom DL650 GLEE


Need bar risers (up and back) for my 14 Glee. Any solid recommendations?

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Answers ( 8 )

  1. Rox risers

  2. I’d stick with a name brand like Rox…its just steering, at 80 mph during evasive maneuvers where this comes to mind 😉

  3. I only just put Rox risers on my Wee. OMG, what a difference it made. Love it and would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Rox but you will need to reroute throttle and clutch cables

  5. Whether you get the name brand or not is up to you. I do recommend, getting CNC machined risers not cast ones. I bought some cheap risers from eBay. They weren’t machined so I had to do a little modification to make them fit properly.

  6. Rox. I got 2” pivoting ones, and didn’t have to rewire anything on my 2015 DL650. Just had to cut some zip ties and release cable hooks.

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