Bajaj Dominar OR RE Electrical Bullet

Question is tough-Which is good choice Bajaj Dominar OR RE Electrical Bullet
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  1. ans is simple – splendor

  2. Bohot Fark Hai dono main Bhai ye sawal aaya kaise dimag main…Bajaj ki dominor ko campare krrey kisse RE haaaaaaaa…faltu ka kaam dham Ni….Lena kuch Ni Hai…..majey lene aajate Hain….

  3. Both are best on their aspects, if u wanna go for sport kind of bike… Go for dominar.. 400 cc under 2 lac is not bad deal… Nd royal enfield.. No need to give feedback.. Name of comoany itself showing its Royal… Go for RE for Royal ride… More comfirt… Nd best for long ride… Choice is yours

  4. Performance: Dominar \nPride: Royal Enfield

  5. DOMINAR any time. When you ask such question in an Enfield lover group you are bound to get some biased answer towards Enfield; even in such a case couple of votes in favour of Dominar from RE lovers shows the power of Dominar.
    In any other neutral group such a question of yours would surely give more votes towards Dominar than any other bike from people who wanta value for money for a bike with power & modern technology & features.
    Check the awards received by Bajaj & Dominar this year….

  6. Dominor is good but you know very well about the durability of bajaj bikes. maximum durability of bajaj bike is 5yr

  7. TVs excel 100

  8. Luna and avanthi is always better than??

  9. Reliability wise Bajaj Dominar

  10. If u want VFM go for Dominar

  11. Bhai to lelo but royal is royal

  12. Or yaha time pass mat karo



  13. Bullet any time

  14. Dominar is Pathetic…… drove it day before …… Trust me there is no comparison…… RE bikes are any day Better

  15. Never knew that RE is producing electrical bullets .. great RE going green

  16. Ab tu Dominar hi le bhai

  17. In bullet we don’t have Electrical series you go to toy that is dominar. Wtf that bike is

  18. Many people are confused between Electrical & Electra. Yes .. I mean “Electrical Bullet”. The latest news is—

    Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle Showcased At Companys Thailand Showroom
    Written By: Kennedy Paul
    Published: Sat, Dec 16, 2017, 17:45 [IST

  19. No thump, no legendary vibrations, no oil leak, no breakdown? No silencer?….. It’s not RE?
    Don’t know about riding range, and as if it is RE some major issues will be there?

    So, no option other than Dominor

  20. dominar with thunderbird fuel tank mod

  21. Its easy Question, simple ans RE

  22. Buy mahindra mojo

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