Baja Designs Squadron on a 2016 300XCW?


Baja Designs Squadron on a 2016 300XCW?

Anyone running one? Hearing mixed info on whether or not the stator has to be rewound, etc.. I called them directly and spoke to 2 different people that gave me 2 different answers.


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  1. Output of stator should be right on their site

  2. “Float” the ground? Does it need rectifier for AC, or does XCW already run DC?

  3. Brian C. Englund if I knew about that all electrical wizardy I wouldn’t be asking! Fawk! 😂

  4. Call RJ and ask about the stator output.

  5. Scott Barber already did.. He wasn’t sure either…

  6. Then what the hell is he good for??

  7. Hook alligator clamps from stator output to each testicle. If you have the best orgasm of your life, the output is too low. If your dick burns like your ginger pubes, then it’s pushing enough wattage to do the job.

  8. Seems legit.. Does it matter which alligator clip goes to which nut? And where the Fawk is my GoPro?

  9. I’m dying here…

  10. The best part is, Brian C. Englund can’t perform the test due to lack of testing (see what I did there?) equipment!\n\n😂🖕🏼😂🖕🏼

  11. Brian can connect the leads to his ass cheeks. If he can control his sphincter, the output is too low. If he shits himself uncontrollably, it’s perfect.

  12. I only uncontrollably shit myself on the 950SE. It’s well controlled shitting myself on my 300xc.\n\nAs for teste equipment, that’s why I said float the ground! Try and keep up here.

  13. I run a Squadron on my 500XCW…50 hours on the bike with the headlight powered….

  14. I don’t know if its the same, but I have a Squadron XL Pro on my 2012 450XCW

  15. Ran a 95 watt light on my 500xcw with no problems. Not that it means anything

  16. Kevin runs a Squadron Pro on his 500 EXC. He is trying to find out whether the stator on the 300XCW will handle it, i.e. a two stroke.

  17. Thanks Scott Barber.. Yeah, they are 2 completely different systems

  18. More digging says the stator KTM rectifier chinga Kit they (KTM or Trailtech) sell will let me add a fan and nice light no problemo

  19. NEW from KTM!: The Rectifier Chinga Kit.

  20. This seems to fix it all.. But KTM sells the same thing for same price:

  21. This ^^^ You should also search for how to make your stator wet. It helps keep the heat down and prolongs the live of the ignition coil on the stator.

  22. I think Slavens has a video on making it wet

  23. This thread is making ME wet!\n\nBut thank you. Will check out Slavens videos. He has great stuff on YouTube.

  24. Trail tech works great! I have a fan, lights, voyager gauge

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