As an everyday commuter Duke 390


Hello everyone, not yet an owner of a Duke 390, but I am considering it as my next bike and I have some questions:
1) As an everyday commuter – how is it? Is it good as home-work-home bike?
2) I’m 183cm/72kg – won’t it be too small?
3) Handling – I’m changing from BMW F650GS (193kg) because I find it too heavy to handle in tight traffic and off-road. Will Duke do better (on-road, as I guess off-road is out of question)

Any hints / tips / opinions appreciated.

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  1. I find it a better commute bike than Husqvarna Nuda 900 and KTM 640 LC4 and they are already good commuting bikes, but 390 is waaaaaay lighter and smaller so it feels even better.
    I’m 180cm and around 85kg, and it fits me very well in my opinion you will not get a better bike for this amonut of money.

  2. I ride this everyday for about 66 kms / 6 days a week. Easy for traffic filtering. Fast and effective handling. Only downside – gets heated up fast at bumper to bumper traffic and the radiator fan decides to stand out louder than the exhaust !

  3. Just buy it, previous i own aprilia dorsoduro 750 and i didnt regret it

  4. I’m 189cm 85kg and fit perfectly comfortable. Wind buffering on the highways isn’t too bad. I do about 60km a day. Low speed riding in stop start traffic or a crawl sucks in first gear as it likes to chug along and buck you at low rpm\nSo you better hope you can lane filter

  5. Q1 it is not an home bike

  6. At last it is great to buy

  7. But if you want in mileage then it is not good approx 22 to 24 km/l

  8. And if you want more experience

  9. Then ashishmotovlogs

  10. Is on YouTube

  11. Search and experience the beast in any condition

  12. Hi, i have 195 Cm 96 kg
    Duke dont have problém with speed ? ride is very good

  13. hi i’m 1.83m and 75kg and you don’t have to be affraid to be to big you will feel realy comfortable and you will geht this special feeling about having your bime jnder contol 100% everytime … because it got so small weight and is really sharp in corners. you cant get a better bike dor this money!

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