Are there any problems insuring an import when buying a classic bike?


Hello everybody,
Are there any problems insuring an import when buying a classic bike?
Thank you, ride safe.

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  1. not had a prob with mine

  2. And are the cheaper to buy than a UK model?

  3. I have a vn1500 classic as my first bike it was an import cost me 160 quid to insure my first year.

  4. Haven’t come across one yet.

  5. I’ve got a Japanese import and an American import, no issue at all, Bennetts give the best service.

  6. Should be no problem as long as you tell them.

  7. Thanks for all replies, put my mind at rest.

  8. Not had any problems and I’ve had 3 grey imports, a parallel and one never seen in the UK!

  9. Always tricky to insure a Z750 twin. Turns out they never existed. My cert says it’s an H2. I wish!

  10. Had no problems insuring my VRX400 though it was more expensive.

  11. Got some quotes, around £200. When I insured my classic car, it was only about £100, why are motorbikes so dear on classic insurance. It’s only a 250cc Suzuki, Almost the same as my CBR 600F I had last year.

  12. I did have a slight problem with my Honda Solo as it was only ever sold in Japan and therefore simply isn’t on the list of bikes held by most insurers. Some (like Bennetts) wouldn’t insure it as it wasn’t on their list, others (like Carole Nash and Footman James) were more flexible and just insured it on a similar bike. 🙂

  13. I’ve got three imports and had no problems. There are plenty of dealers in the UK that go regularly to Japan to buy up spares and complete bikes to bring back to the UK. For Honda David Silver Spares has a huge range of NOS parts. I have a Honda X4 which never came to Europe but my insurance is simply based on a CB1300.

  14. Comments not showing for some reason….

  15. Probably cos only 2 years no claims discount,as only just come back to bikes recently. Even though had my full licence for 42 years..

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