Anyone running a pre filter in the tube?


This is a question for all you 1190 riders out there. anyone running a pre filter in the tube? Just ordered a k&n filter and Thinking of installing a nylon stocking in the tube..i got a dusty ride coming up

Anyone running a pre filter in the tube?

Anyone running a pre filter in the tube?

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  1. I think Oliver Charni is running a pre filter there

  2. I’m using the ktm socks with a Rottweiler system. If you are running the snorkels then a pre filter at the mouth of the snorkel is a requirement. They focus way too much air on a small place on the filter.

    Don’t make the $5k mistake I did…Riding without those prefilters for a week.

  3. Be careful not to put much oil on the prefilter as it will be sucked into the main filter causing a saturation over time that will choke off the air flow, and ruin the paper filter, once its full of oil it can’t be cleaned with a compressor which extends the life a bit if done properly

  4. OEM KTM socks now do the job pretty well, tried unifilter ones as well, works well, but KTMs socks are way easier to clean since you can do it without disassembling of plastics.

  5. I would never use a K&N in dusty conditions. No way.

  6. Following. The previous owner swears up and down that the 2014 I bought from him in the Spring with ~13k+ miles on the clock didn’t need anything and NEVER had any dust inside the box?
    I was at least going to upgrade to the uni-airbox dust seal when I tear into it this winter.

  7. The unfilter socks are going to take around 12 of your HP. Tried the uni set up too. Have on for sale on advrider.

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