Anyone ride the Michigan UP adventure trail?


Anyone ride the Michigan UP adventure trail? Or any sandy trails in the UP on the 250L? I’m concerned the lack of power will be a liability on long sandy sections with bike loaded with luggage. Plus I’m a fat 230lbs, which doesn’t help.

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  1. I ride Lower Peninsula all the time; and the lack of power in the stock bike definitely causes issues in the sugar sand. Dont even try to hit silver lake

  2. You won’t have any issues. I ride the deserts of Southern California all the time When I was there two years ago.

  3. Following. How would a Canadian go about getting a trail pass for MI? I did some riding up by Gaylord a few summers ago when I learned to ride and I was thinking about bringing my 250L now

  4. Luggage? Sand? 250L? Anything is doable, some things are less fun than others. Are you asking because theres a KTM500 you have you could take?

  5. You at least aren’t running stock gearing I hope?

  6. 250l does great up north i try to make 5 or so trips to paradise each summer

  7. Steve Cooper I rode the UPAT in September. 250L loaded with camping and cooking and food tent clothes water and extra fuel. We did 1,300 around the circumference of the UP. Followed the tracks available for upload on advrider. There is some deep sand but only a few brief sections, not nearly enough to define the ride as sandy. The deep spots you do hit will be challenging, esp since you’ve got about 100 lbs on me lol. It was a blast though, the trail is perfect. Follow the track on advrider you’ll love it. I made a post about it here in this group in October, try searching UPAT or upper peninsula

  8. There is amazing camping along the Lake Superior shoreline. If you decide to do it contact me when the time gets closer and I can send you some tips

  9. Oh I was running 13/40 gearing too

  10. I’m new to the page and I live in upper peninsula Michigan

  11. No worries. Just twist the throttle a bit more. Believe me, it’s more fun that way

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