Anyone know where the frame earth is? | Beta X Trainer


Anyone know where the frame earth is? Wiring diagram shows 4 earths. I have found and checked the battery negative, the spark plug coil negative and I assume the starter motor negative is under the bash plate. Chasing an oil system fault and can't find the "frame earth" as shown. Using WAY too much oil ­čśč Diodes all look good and test OK. Condenser looks good and tests OK. TPS checks out OK. Oil pump 19.4 ohms. Any ideas? Gonna go check the charging system voltage next.

Anyone know where the frame earth is? | Beta X Trainer

Anyone know where the frame earth is? | Beta X Trainer

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  1. 40 in the diagram

  2. Should be right by the upper subframe mount if I remember correctly.

  3. This one? I can’t imagine that tiny wire is the return for all of the electrical equipment

  4. Take the bolt out and file/sand the paint off so you have good bare metal. Then put silicon grease on it and bolt it back down.

  5. Threads are not a proper ground.

  6. Adventures of Hobo Bill could this be the issue with the 250?

  7. one ground is where the coil mounts and other is shown in that pic

  8. Just some feedback for everyone that’s interested. After checking and re-seating all electrical connections and earths I thought the problem had gone away. A flow test showed normal flow so I packed it all away. Went for a ride today of around 36km plus say around 12km of previous test rides. Around 5l of fuel used. Topped up oil tank and it used 250ml! Looks like the problem is still there. I have already got new diodes and condensor, so I’ll replace them first. Also have some dielectric grease, so I’ll redo all connections with that. I’ll feedback here once I get another chance for a ride. After that I’ll replace the pump. I have heard there is a cheaper option to the Beta pump. Does anyone know which pump this is and where to get it?

  9. I believe it’s 12308 Dellorto oil pump PLE 8 u00a341.90 in UK. Sorry I can’t give more detail but it may help. Following this post with interest!

  10. Are you able to try a different ECU?

  11. Did ask this question before but no reply. Does anybody know how to interogate the ECU? One of the younger members must know the answer!

  12. Some more feedback. I replaced the diode pack and the condenser. The old ones looked O.K but they are cheap so I replaced them. I used some dielectric grease on most of the connections around the harness and the ECU. I also have tested the TPS and made sure it was set up O.K. Took it for a run and it was still running around the 20:1 ratio. I then replaced the oil pump with a new unit direct from dellorto (thanks Trf Vern). Took it out for another 30km run and still very rich on the mix, around 20:1. All earth connections are tight. Charge voltage is just over 14Vdc at the battery. Next I will do an LED test to see the actual pulses coming out of the ECU. That should be a 0.2 sec pulse about every 2 secs at idle. I will keep posting here for those that are following and if I find the problem I will create a new post.

  13. Geoff Martin Did you sort the problem out? I’ve been away for a while but can’t find anything further. Just re reading the post your fuel consumption seems horrendously high, are you flat out everywhere? Maybe that’s what the ECU is seeing.

  14. Still looking for the problem unfortunately. The fuel usage was probably due to being in a lot of hard areas. Not a lot of km covered with some really hard climbs etc. I have just recently installed the Suzuki NECJ needle and smaller jet so that should probably help a bit. I ran premix for my weekend away last weekend and the bike ran so much better. I know what it is supposed to feel like now. My dealer gave me some info recently that the bike had apparently been damaged by the previous owner and the subframe was replaced. I am going back soon to look at the wiring harness very closely in that area. I will keep updating here as I find more info, but I’ve been a bit short on time and quite frankly a bit sick of it ud83dude22

  15. Understood. Have you seen the very recent post on this page re oiling problems? Just wondering if your ECU got replaced and it’s the wrong one. Stick with it!

  16. I’ve been meaning to add some more info to this post for a while now. I went to premix for about 6 months which worked well. But the challenge of fixing this was still there ud83eudd26u200du2642ufe0f

    I had the original oil pump flushed out with carb cleaner (just a spray can) and put it back into the bike. At the same time I also set the TPS again. The manual says 600 ohms fully closed, which on my bike was about 710 ohms at idle. I set it to 610 ohms at idle.

    It has now been running back on the oil injection for about 6 months and overall the oil consumption is around 60:1. I’ve checked it accurately several times.

    I can’t be sure which of those changes fixed it, but as the pump was previously replaced with a new one I’d say it was the TPS setting. Hopefully this info can help someone else

  17. I think the TPS setting is likely. I found it made a big difference to oil consumption. I generally get a ratio about 60:1.

  18. Just another feedback for those interested. The XT has been running fine on the O.I system ever since I made the TPS adjustment. Tiny little thing that did my head in for months

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