Anyone here, go camping “old school”?


Anyone here, go camping “old school”? Meaning when you get tired you pull over and sleep. Get up and go when you want. No set “camp sites” no destinations. Just ride, roam and stay wherever and whenever. I have done this 20+ years ago with my dad. Sleep under an overpass or what ever. I want to that with my hubby ( he thinks I am crazy) Is this even legal really anymore? Help a chic convince hubby this would be an awesome adventure!! Help me Convince him people still do this…

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  1. Would so love to do a trip like that!!!

  2. Most states let you camp at their rest areas

  3. One of the quietest places to set up camp is small town cemetery Tented there a lot. Safer than city parks

  4. That’s just how 8 roll

  5. I’ve done this many times !!! \nPark bench, church, firehouse, underneath bridges and rest areas. It adds to the sense of adventure! !

  6. Even though I don’t do it quite like that I know a man that has done it over 20 times in over 20 years… Sometimes a month at a time to Alaska twice. he is now 70. He Reminded me what a whore bath was !!! Snickering… It’s not for everybody but tell him to watch wild hogs or something to get him curious. Has potential to be the best time of his life or the worst don’t force it let it happen.

  7. Roadside park and picnic tables

  8. I used to do it. Sice 9/11 everything is open to interpretation now.

  9. Yep. Got tired, pulled over and slept by the bikes.

  10. Had a gentleman camping out in our town and the police sent him on his way.. So I guess you can’t do it everywhere. But worth a try as long as no one gets a vagrantcy charge…lol

  11. This is the way I travel no plans just stop and sleep when I cant ride anymore …..I pack light sleep on the ground with a tarp and sheet .Rest stops are my prefered place to crash on picnic table

  12. My coworkers thought i was nuts for camping out of my car when I moved to a new installation. Cheaper than a hotel.\nI also lived out of my truck for a few weeks when I moved to Oklahoma while I was house hunting. No better way to go imo.

  13. America, gotta love it.

  14. I lived in a school bus back in the 70s.

  15. I always sleep next to the bike on the way to where im going then set up hammock or tent if it rains when I get there

  16. The only way to do long distance rides.

  17. Church Graveyards are the safest and the quietest

  18. That’s the way I prefer to travel. You tell your inner roommate to stop directing and just …travel…on your own way. We use \

  19. It’s called stealth camping. You just have to be discreet.

  20. Thanks for website, I always think too much because of so many Laws nowadays could be forbidden and could be ticket for camp or rest off the interstate and back roads. And possibly some nuts could bully or threaten to take the bike and equipment or whatever it the decision will occurs. Before all this scenarios, it would be wise to know where the ER or care facility located to be extra safe. My opinion is safety comes first. Be careful and happy motorcycle and camp.

  21. Have a look on @Minimnalist Motorcycle Vagabonds FB Group

  22. yeah, this would be your best bet… @MinimnalistMotorcycleVagabonds, yeah there are some who still do this. Stealth Camping.

  23. America’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider

  24. Heck, that’s what most trucker’s do…ride until you get tired, or the DOT required 14-hr stop for ten hours of rest 😉

  25. Some people, would go insane doing that. My wife (she denies bring OCD) gets nearly insane without a plan.\nI, on the other hand, grew up camping with my family on 2 week road trips every year. We always had a \

  26. Melanie Marie in the late 70’s I closed a custom motorcycle shop and left on a great American Adventure. I was gone nearly 2 years and never stayed in a Motel or paid for a camp site.

  27. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  28. Sleeping bag, a blue tarp and a deserted dirt road works best for me.

  29. Not me, I like my comforts. I applaud you old guys/gals who still do this!!!

  30. It takes me to long to get out of bed. Miss a day of riding getting off the ground

  31. In spite of the scared and hateful, yes, some of us still sleep beside our bike.

  32. This is as close to it I can get without laying on it.. I may be ole n feeble but can still hear cricket hairs moving

  33. Travel that way for the past 40 years only way to go

  34. I would be concerned about the homeless folks who are living under the bridges. Many homeless people sleep on benches during the day because it’s not safe to sleep at night. But there is safety in numbers. I’d love to hear about it if you do it.

  35. all over texas and okla, back in the day…

  36. I do. If I can’t find a campground I just stealth camp. Find an out of the way place to hide. Under trees, behind fences etc. I just leave early and leave no trash to avoid problems with people.

  37. We (America’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider Motorcycle challenge members) do it all the time. open to all bikes, great group, come join the fun.

  38. Thats how i roll hell if he wont take i dure as hell will

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