Anyone have any suggestions for camping on the PCH?


Anyone have any suggestions for camping on the PCH? Flying into LAX in a few weeks and going up the PCH for a week camping along the way but I know Pfeiffer Bridge is out near Big Sur which eliminates a lot of camping places. Would love campgrounds that are remote and overlook the water/ocean.

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  1. There’s a few campgrounds along the way in Ventura, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Pismo, but PCH is closed from just north of San Simeon to Carmel

  2. Is there an alternate route that runs parallel to the PCH?

  3. You could catch the 101 at King City and get off of it in Greenfield. Take Thorne Road to Arroyo Seco Road, towards Carmel Valley. Arroyo Seco Road becomes E. Carmel Valley Road. If you go up PCH as far as you can go, you’d have to double back pretty far to cross over to King City. It’s hard getting around that????

  4. You’re the best!

  5. What is closed? You can’t ride the whole PCH now? I was planning on riding all PCH this year but that trip is postponed til next year.

  6. It’ll be closed until they figure out how to fix the bridge going through Big Sur.

  7. Is this the most rect section that collapsed? There is a section of road that fell into the Ocean last week around the Bixby Bridge.

  8. I rode the entire PCH two years ago, camped for most of it. Look for state parks that have campgrounds. Cali ain’t cheap, though! Most are 30.00 a night.

  9. Thank you everyone!

  10. Just north of San Simeon/ Gordo is Naciemento Rd. Right turn. Goes up into Las Padres NF. Plenty of free camping. Keep riding east over the mountains through Hunter Legget Army base, (it’s open to civilian traffic) to 101 then head north. North of Big Sur are roads that turn back west to continue on 1.

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