Anyone have any experience with qrings? Gimmick? Or legit?


Hey everyone, happy friday! Two questions:

Anyone have any experience with qrings? Gimmick? Or legit?

Second, looking at two pretty much identical Trek SC 9.9s, only difference is one has the high stem. Is it tough to switch them out? How does it affect fit? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I can chime in on the first question. I have an oval ring on my mountain bike and I absolutely love it. My first little shakedown ride with it was some local trails. I went up a steepish mulch covered trail. The power put down to the ground is much smoother. The disturbed mulch looked like someone was dragging the brakes hard coming down, rather than the short punchy wheel spinny strokes of an ordinary round ring.
    Ive got a QRing on the inner ring of my road bike. The couple times I've actually used it, it felt good. I have not really played around with it enough to adjust the different clicking options.
    Long story short, I'm a believer, I recently picked up a Fat Bike and will be putting an oval on it.

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