Anyone got experience with to bore (machine)?


Does anyone got experience with to bore (machine) the lower XT triple clamp up to 59mm? (original is 56mm, my KYB fork got 59mm).

I am scared because the final wall thinkness will be very low…

Anyone got experience with to bore (machine)?

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  1. die zreissts dir beim ersten Sprung 🙂 schon alles probiert

  2. I was thinking same but decide to buy ktm exc triples.

  3. No problem. You can do it and ride safe!

  4. with a rest thickness of 3,4mm its litte scary, you have only one live 🙂 this is not 7075 alloy!

  5. With the Marzocchi Shiver 45 I enlarged the lower clamp only from 56 to 57 mm.

  6. Ohhhh nooooooo

  7. I bought a set of 4T RR clamps for my KYBs. These fit the forks. You just need to press your XTrainer stem out and fit it to the RR clamp. I went for the 4T clamps to compensate for the reduced offset of the KYB axel lugs.

  8. If I buy only the lower tripple clamp from RR, does it fit together with upper triple clamp of XT? (offset between stem and fork)

  9. XTrainer offset = 20 mm

  10. Alternative solution:
    KTM lower clamp offset 20mm (bore u00d860mm) + rolled sheet thick. 0.5mm + Xtrainer stem

  11. Martin Dosch The picture is triple clamp ktm with offset 22 ?

  12. This is cast aluminium, machined to look like billet…too big a risk imo. I bought second hand KTM triple clamps and had the centre hole machined to take the Beta stem.

  13. I bored mine 0,5mm to fit a showa and so far so good in hard enduro

  14. Its that thick for a reason….

  15. I sure wouldn’t want to thin mine out that much!

  16. If you go ahead and do this please videotape the first few jumps for us

  17. That’s thinner than I would ride with.

  18. Risk is typically calculated by comparing likelihood with consequence. The consequences of a triple clamp
    failure at speed could be catastrophic and there is a legitimate but un-quantifiable likelihood that machining the triple-clamp will lead to it failing. This is a high risk option when compared to purchasing a finished component that is engineered for the task.

  19. Not worth it. Spend the money…

  20. I think it AllBalls that has a webpage that lists triple swaps, I’d def hunt that up. You might have take more measurements of yours.

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