Anyone gone the dark side with car tire on the rear of bike?


Anyone gone the dark side with car tire on the rear of bike? I wouldn’t but friend has on his honda valkyrie and loves it. Something about a 60,000 mile tire? Any input on this?

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  1. Wow. To many comments to read through, but I will way in.\n\nBeen looking at this for over a year and finally went to the dark side and love it.\n\nLeft Northern Illinois on June 1 and I am right now sitting in Idaho City, Id. Just road down Hwy 21 from Stanley. \n\nEnough said. \n\nDone. \n\nWill never go back to a bike tire.

  2. I keep hearing that the sharp curving is dangerous, never used them myself,,

  3. What’s wrong with this picture? Where are the side grooves for cornering on the street tire?

  4. I thought about going Darkside after last trip, but had to replace tire at dealership in Jacksonville NC before returning. I keep hearing about turns being a problem but can’t help but remembering seeing a Darkside bike that the outside edges were wore out & the middle looked new. Not scientific, but he clearly never \

  5. a car tire is basically straight up grant some curve for the radial but if you go into a life or death curve on a sharp mountain road and have to have the bike lay over into it a car tire is not designed for it

  6. Well another lively discussion on the subject of riding dark. Whatever you ride on be safe and take care. I am outta here.

  7. I go with an Avon because it held the road so well during a trip to Sturgis sd when it rained real hard,,, Avon is a soft rubber tire that lasts half as long as others I have used but when it is life or death I will go with a tire that grabs the road

  8. What came of Wells Betts oil conversation????????

  9. not telling you guys what to do it is your life just dont take a rider or someone else with you when you go daredeviling

  10. Can someone from admin stop this post. For the ones who use the CT. Enjoy. For the ones who use the MC. Enjoy. This is a never ending battle.

  11. Can we please talk about oil?????

  12. Oh huh! ????????

  13. henry to me it is not about lawyers,, if something goes wrong on a bike they are usually not needed,, Jack I believe you are like me been riding since 1977,, but there are people here that have been riding 2-3 years so they can not do what you can and also if some one is riding with you you have the moral right to consider thier saftey,, they are putting thier life in your hands,, dont take it lightly

  14. going to Sturgis sd,,Charles

  15. It’s your life and your choice you can use a spoon for a shovel its up to you.

  16. any one else going to sturgis sd

  17. The old I have 40 years experience story. Neighbor told my wife same thing just before he acted an ass! Broke a leg, 7 ribs, shoulder bone, road rash & destroyed his POS Harley!???????? being a show off! Four years she has ridden, not so much as a drop! ????

  18. what are you talking about charles

  19. Richard Williams\nI was pointing out the government might have loosened & messed with my neighbors brakes. That’s all!???? *Inside Sarcasm*

  20. southern Illinois republicans have messed with my bike for whistle blowing charles if you find a good lawyer or FBI that cant be bought send them to me

  21. I am looking for people to meet in Sturgis if any of you are going

  22. My socialist neighbor accused his liberal Democrat opponent of watching his house. I still don’t know the difference in the two! But let’s get back to the motorcycle camping. You mentioned Sturgis. I would love to go one year, but I’ve got many other trips planned. Would love to ride the PCH, Alaska, maybe a European trip!

  23. YouTube yellowwolf on the dragon…

  24. I have a car tire on the back of my Goldwing, it’s fine, but you have to run it with lower air pressure to help round out the side of the tire in corners

  25. I like how all the naysayers says do it , only if you want to die . They need to You Tube Yellow Wolf riding the dragon . And yes he did it on a car tire also . I run one , wont ever go back . Not sure about the 60,000 miles . But i have got 32,000 out of my first one .

  26. 38K on my first tire but only cause i picked up some pretty nasty nails and probably only had a few thousand left till reaching the wear indicators on it so I went ahead and replaced it.

  27. I am liking to see all of the different bikes that people are running the darkside on.

  28. This guy Richard kills me . Someone ask about running a car tire and he change it to politics . On his profile his bike is on a trailer . My 08 has 98,760 miles on it . Never been on a trailer . From 58,000 until now has been a car tire . Now if he want to talk politics , look at the last 8 years and look at what all the Clinton’s did and has done . Just my 2 cents .

  29. I ran dark side with a Kumho Ecsta run-flat on my Wing for 60k miles. Slow speed handling is different but otherwise, a smoother, safer in all weather, run-flat if needed ride. Total believer here. Own a BMW R1200RT w/ a cycle tire now.

  30. I am a full supporter of car tires on the back of trikes no cornering I am also a full supporter of anyone putting them on your bike but I also say think about yer passenger and other road riders,,I have been told they do not corner as well by people that have had them,,second My politics was in answer to another person in chat that was talking about government messing with his bike,, my point was it had happened to me also,, third if we can not chat with out people getting mad maybe we should think about moving to Putan and russia,, we have a great country where all can express thier opinion and people can learn something if they listen,, I chose this country and my right to express and listen to others

  31. I have no problems corning with a car tire on my Goldwing.

  32. Amazing! This thread is still going strong!????????????????????????????????????

  33. Now the facts come out trike with car tires yes bike with car tires no . wish you have said this in the begin. WOW

  34. Wow didn’t know it was an option to put car tires on!

  35. Join the Goldwing pages and find 000000’s of opinions. ILLEGAL to use car tyres on bikes in the U.K. and sidewalls of car tyres are not reinforced to take the forces of banking on corners. Unless of course you don’t bank around corners.

  36. I went darksider not because of wear mlg or cost. Many times I tow a trailer & 2-up. On \nm/c tire there was quite a bit of weight & flex on rear tire. I felt uncomfortable on trusting it. I did research on darksider & finally made the move 15k ago. Wife immediately felt the smoothness of the c/t vs the m/c tire. I now have more load compacity assurance on c/t. I run about 25# of air in it. From all pics of darksiders in a leaning turn, I see more rubber on pavement. Plus when come upon groves in a road, barely any jerking from rear tire.

  37. Running one on my chieftain and handles as good as the original tires did. First did it to my Honda shadow 750, it did awesome so never went back. Was great on my VTX1300 as well.

  38. Barry Proctor read this

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