Anyone fitted a quick shifter on their 5vy?


Anyone fitted a quick shifter on their 5vy? I’ve got one coming just wondered if anyone has got one and what it’s like?

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  1. Love the colour no to your question nearly bought one other week worth getting I think

  2. Don’t think any one has ever fitted one tbh…

  3. I’m not to sure if the lite is the black one if so be worth paying extra for the red one

  4. Get the plus

  5. Rory Is your front tyre fitted the right way round? Looks as though the tread pattern should go the other way

  6. healtech shifter suppose to be good .

  7. I have a BAZAZZ and works very well

  8. Thanks guys I’ve got the new superlite coming. Will see what it’s like.

  9. With the Auto Blipper (wish I could get one of them to) one of the best funnest mods any bike can have!!

  10. I have the h and m on mine fantastic bit of kit m8

  11. what a nice bit of kit.

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