Anyone else with freezing feet?


I can’t believe I’m back in electric blanket territory already. Anyone else with freezing feet?

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Answers ( No )

  1. wrapped up for winter already!

  2. Not yet but we are still in a heat wave. Everyone is complaining about the heat and I'm here happy that my feet aren't turning blue yet.

  3. I've been really cold last couple of days

  4. It's 82 today. I keep putting my blankets in the dryer and covering my legs and feet, trying to defrost the blacks of ice they have become. I'm so over it!

  5. Heading pads out already to.. my hands, feet and nose and ears are ice cold all the time already.

  6. Ive just been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I can't use ice as my Raynauds flares up but heat isn't working either

  7. Since we have air conditioning, I use my heated mattress pad and a heating pad year round!

  8. Yes! Feet and hands!

  9. Always and it's been 90 here I have a whole heating mattress pad such a savor!!!️

  10. Couldn't get my feet warm for about 5 hours. Freaking body. My core is literally sweating but my feet numb. Goosebumps too

  11. Been under one all summer!!

  12. Wear socks 24/7

  13. Midwest USA and air conditioning is painful and causes spasms in car…

  14. Yes. I bought a new electric blanket the first of August. They were still on clearance. $47.00 for a king duel control with preheat. Great find!

  15. I had to use toe warms yesterday…. I almost cried!

  16. 2 duvets and jamas on last night!!

  17. I don't have one of tho but I have last week started to used my hot water bottle in bed.

  18. Yes not water bottle socks and gloves x

  19. For my 1 year old. Yup she's suffering Badley, waiting on her appointment with her paediatric doctor to find out what medication she's allowed. X

  20. I'm always cold…

  21. I use my electric blanket year round. Also have shoes that can be microwaved. They're filled with lint seed. AC gets me in summer months

  22. I use my heating blanket year-long!

  23. Yup and the hand warmer too.

  24. Yes, and hands 🙁

  25. Sock erry day now.

  26. Plugged my heated seat back in on my car today- geez!

  27. All year round 🙁

  28. Oh yes. Gloves on in mornings too.

  29. Wooly slipper socks have been on all week!

  30. put mine on tonight too! had my wheat bag on my feet for a couple of weeks 🙂

  31. HAAAA On the hottest day this past week 98 degrees I purchased an electric mattress pad. My toes are starting to feel cold/numb&pain. This past winter I've blown out my credit cards buying things to help my many chronic illnesses. All the best

  32. Was just thinking about plugging mine in last night. Hahaha, we went from 90+ degrees the past couple weeks, down to in the 60's with rain & windy/chilly this morning.

  33. I've got chilblains already. Noticed first one at the end of August

  34. I'm absolutely freezing!

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