Anyone been diagnosed with lupus?


Anyone been diagnosed with lupus? Feel like I should talk to my doctor of this as possibility just in case, is it easy to diagnose or do you need to be showing varying symptoms in order for a diagnosis to occur?

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  1. I have systemic lupus (SLE) and it is incredibly difficult to diagnose. There is no single test to diagnose it. There are a number of symptoms and blood tests that can combine to support a diagnosis. The symptoms are monitored over a long time. It takes years to diagnose in most cases. I would encourage you to absolutely talk to your dr about exploring it as a possibility if you think you have it…the sooner the better. I'm here if you need help or have questions from a patients perspective, as I am not a dr lol.

  2. Don't have Lupus but I am a nurse and exactly what the above comment says- there are many blood tests— usually.. and I say this bc majority of the time… lupus will have a positive ANA

  3. I have Lupus too and agree with Bonnie MacLeod, it's not an easy diagnosis usually. I had severe Raynaud's for about 2 years before I started exhibiting signs of Lupus. Lucky (ha) for me, my Lupus signs hit hard and fast and my tests hit all the right markers so they felt they could make a diagnosis pretty quickly. There is no one test for Lupus, just a whole bunch of others that work in a process of elimination style for the doctor. Definitely talk to your doctor about it as Raynaud's can be the beginning of other auto-immune issues. Just out of curiosity, what kind of symptoms are you having?

  4. I'm not having any super specific symptoms-I've had raynaud's for just over 10 years now. My aunt also has it and says she gets tested for lupus every year. I have been very fatigued in the past although not sure if cause of iron levels. Also know it can effect immune system. So just trying to be cautious. I did have blood work done when I was diagnosed with raynauds but not sure what for

  5. I was tested for lupus to see if that's what was causing my raynauds along with a bunch of other things. I tested negative for everything I just have primary raynauds

  6. Good friend of mine has the Raynauds, Lupus, Fibromyaliga, also has a pace maker keeping her blood flow systematic. She does have the severe discoloration that we all share here in photos, but the white hands.

  7. My grandmother had lupus and Raynaud's. I was diagnosed with Raynaud's a few months ago and made sure I had blood work for numerous things to include lupus.

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