Anybody know where the speed sensor is located on a 2019 z1000?


Anybody know where the speed sensor is located on a 2019 z1000? Got it back from dealer with speedo not working and thinking they might have forgot to plug it in.

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  1. White arrow labeled VSS is the speed sensor.
    It will be inside a black plastic pouch that velcros shut.

  2. There is the sensor.
    Pull the seats and the inlet grill between seats and then pull the large center plastics below the inlet grill.

  3. Doesn''t need lift put your money into suspension

  4. I got my windshield from 3 star industries under $400 for scratch resistant and vented.

  5. We bought a Trailer Tongue Box that fit perfectly on ours. We put some awesome lights that light of the sides of the roads perfectly.. We also have the front and rear windshield.

  6. Man I like that! Where did you buy it?

  7. This is Kevin's machine here but I have a box coming for mine. Been waiting about 2 weeks for it.

  8. Not much for them yet. They were just released here in USA August so bran new machine here in USA. As of now , windshield and rear window is available.
    Cargo box for rear also that makes rear look 100u0025 better.

    Just a heads up , don't trailer it with hood on , we've had 2 members lose theres so far.

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