Any suggestions on camping gear would be appreciated


New to this motorcycle camping, been camping all my life in one manner or another but I got to try this.

Going out to look at tents, sleeping bags and mattress this weekend. Thinking total expence around $300.00 for these items. I have everything else. Any suggestions on camping gear would be appreciated. I Will be soloing so only need for one. Thinking 2 or 3 man tent. I will be staying at a local State park with electricity.

Loading my Heritage will be an experience I'm sure.

Any suggestions on camping gear would be appreciated

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  1. That’s a nice piece of luggage.

  2. Check the tents on sportsmans guide. i have one from years ago 3 person dome for 35. 7X7 Just got a largee r 9X7 on sale for 59. Fit real nice on the back of a bike.own zippered case and all. Ride Safe

  3. They have some great deals on bags also

  4. If you can afford it, check out ultra light hiker gear. It will pack up much smaller than other items for you. In fact, all my hiking gear fits into a 65L backpack which is strapped to the sissy bar so it will all certainly fit into your bag. You might also look at using trash compactor bag (not a trash bag) as a liner so nothing gets soaked inside the bag. I personally use an REI 2.5 hiking tent or a hammock set up. Both take up about the same amount of room.

  5. Compression bags for your clothes and gear.

  6. I just bought a "DAKOTA" tent at Academy Sport because it has a taller roof line.IT still fits well (when packed) on the luggage rack of my trike BUT the whole staying stooped over getting in and out and changing clothes was getting to my neck big time.IS your back seat empty???always a space for MORE……………

  7. Your gonna love it. Go ahead and get a hitch and small trailer and go west young man.

  8. Get a hammock and a short pad for a great night sleep! Stretch a guide line over the top for a tarp. 30 degree bag and you will be fine!

  9. I say go cheap and upgrade later(or not). Save half of that $300.
    I bought a $70 tent off Amazon and love it. My ‘sleeping bag’ is a thin fleece blanket. I have thermal underwear if I get cold, and my riding jacket as a last resort. A 2/3 length thermarest does the job for cushioning. I carry a pillow case stuffed with my clothes to rest my head.

  10. Lightweight camping / backpacking forums are a good source of info. Also check the kayaker Web pages. Those guys are experts on packing small and staying dry.

  11. Camped with 02 Heritage – Only One piece of advise if you are new to this Motorcycle Camping – Heavy Stuff goes in the panniers (Side Bags) then the remaining heavier stuff goes at the bottom of your Backpack if it is on the seat, or against the Back Rest or what ever you mount you bag to ON even your back rack. Do Not Top Load the Weight OR your center of gravity will go to high and handling will suck in the twisty roads, front end can get too light LOW RIDER (weight Wise) is the key. Don;t overload the rear Rack either. Most are 10# Max. Just saying – Ride Safe – 50+ Years in the saddle.

  12. Jungle hammock, self inflating pad and a good bag.

  13. My best tip.. The instant house: set up your tent, put your sleeping bag air mattress and pillow all inside and then roll it up and put it in a duffel bag. Makes for a great back support and your shit will never get wet

  14. Start cheap (Walmart tent, sleeping bag, air mattress). Upgrade later if you like it, Kelty and other expensive lightweight gear

  15. Dig around in there and you will find some deals for camping stuff..

  16. What you need depends on where you are going to and are at. A jungle bag and hammock won’t cut it where I camp at 10 thousand feet in elevation….

  17. My other best investments: small Coleman stove that burns unleaded gas, fits in a Folgers plastic coffee can, and small mess kit. Pull what fuel you need from your tank, cowboy coffee, instant oatmeal and you can get in that first hundred miles before breakfast(Biker code.. Lol)

  18. i have same setup think small

  19. I always figured that if I forgot it Walmart will have it.

  20. These are all great suggestions. Look to backpacking stuff, but don’t necessarily buy it because it is overpriced, as is motorcycle stuff. Look to see what they use, then look for cheaper alternatives that do the same thing. I like Sportsmans Wherehouse better than REI, much cheaper, equal quality. Bass Pro stuff is basically WalMart stuff…. The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is a waterproof bag. You want to keep your bed in something that won’t get wet while you ride. That way, at a minimum, you know you have somewhere dry to sleep. Maybe in the South this isn’t an issue, but I get snow and hail and sleet even in summer, hypothermia is a potential threat to me on the 4th of July in the Rockies. I didn’t spend a gozillion dollars on mine, look at boating stuff. Motorcycle store cost $100 boating store cost $6…. Have fun

  21. bear spray!?

  22. Going to Canada, into the bush – Bear Spray, AND a Bee Head Net – Cheap, 3.00 at Walmart. Goes over a baseball cap. Life Saver. Tie at bottom of the neck. Offered $25 in Alaska just to use it for a trip to the facilities. Wish I had had 5 or six. Best 2 oz you will ever pack !

  23. I have a two man Marmot that I got at Dick’s for $129. It’s sturdy and waterproof. Marmot Aspen 2

  24. Ultra lite camping gear ..REI…buy once never buy again!

  25. I bought a full sized 8" thick air bed with a pump, much better than a cheep air mattress made for camping. A comfortable nights sleep is a necessity.

  26. I’m on board w Norm. Ultra lite everything and a good air mattress.

  27. just a warning some state parks don’t allow hammocks or ez up style canopies … there are plenty of good inexpensive tents, good ventilation with a fly & groundcloth are a must. The sleeping bag should be rated below the coolest night temps you expect, I recommend a liner to keep the bag clean ( easy to wash liner). The air mattress is where I would go name brand due to the failures I’ve seen in the cheaper ones & get a pump or bag to inflate it…. my 2 cents

  28. If I was you I would highly recommend REI sleep pad 3.5 $119.00 I have a $40.00 tent and a $20.00 bag from Walmart, but the pad is a must for ground sleeping! But I will be buying a better tent from REI later about $200 .00
    The one reason I use REI is they will replace anything from them at any time, no questions!

  29. Look on the good stuff

  30. Keep it small n simple bro.

  31. yep a few get a good down bag & silk liner, as for mattress I use a Exped Down mat 7 see photo and size it rolls up also has own internal pump photo shows it unrolled (no air in it) and a rolled up one at end of it, with silk liner for bag at side of it

  32. rolled up viking direct cat for size comparison

  33. internal 1 way pump

  34. I have a Vango Omega 350 & is big enough for 3 in the sleep area with room! look at the 250 or simler for 2 persons

  35. There is a tent comparison site but lost it otherwise would of suggested look on there

  36. Check out beats the crap out of mattresses

  37. And go for a 3 person tent.

  38. BUy a Swag..Easiest wayto go camping….Thats how we roll downunder…no setting up tents..

  39. I can not tell, from your picture. Did you pack in front of your rear axel or behind. As a solo rider I pack my heavy bag right behind me. You must be tall. Have the time e of your life.

  40. Thank you all for the replies, I’ll be looking at a 3 man tent for sure.

  41. I will be doing a 1 or 2 nighter weekend kind of thing to start with just to see how I like it and not to far from home so if I Forget somthing.

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