Any personal experiences with HeliBars?


Any personal experiences with HeliBars? I’ve had my R1 for a couple weeks and my wrists hurt every ride.

Any personal experiences with HeliBars?

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  1. I have the graves clip ons. Definitely makes the bike more comfortable to ride. You can adjust them to what makes you feel comfortable. I would go with a fully adjustable clip on instead of a aftermarket stock replacement.

  2. I’ve ran helibars and apex clipons. Helibars aren’t a huge difference, especially on long rides.
    Apex are like 21 way adjustable. You can set them how you want. By far the best clipon I’ve used. Strong too, I laid my bike over hard and they held up.

  3. Actually I was talking to a guy that was asking the same question on here. I posted pics on his thread of 2 of my bikes with those bars for reference.

  4. I flipped left side to right side and right side to left side. No more pain

  5. I have helibars and thought they where worth the effort lot more comfortable compared to stock and have the switch locator holes already on them so no messing about fitting all the gear back on

  6. Not Helibars, but Apex GP clip ons. Super adjustable. Pics show the difference from OEM to my setting, higher and further back

  7. I had them on my 5jj until I turned it into a trackbike I’ve now got a set on my zx10

  8. Have them on mine, huge difference

  9. Just put helibars on my 2017 r1 loads better

  10. Had the same question and wanted to do that on mine but was not sure if I should just get the regular ones or the ones that have like a 1-2" rise in them, anyone try that vs just the apex/helibars

  11. Had the exact same issue. Got the helibars and they are fantastic!!!!! Makes a big difference. You won’t be sorry.

  12. Just do it. You won’t regret it

  13. put some on mine 2 weeks ago, found they help alot, make it more comfortable to ride

  14. I have heli bars on my 2017, is an improvement but not a lot.

  15. Just work on fitnesses and core strength. If your riding correctly you should have minimal weight on your wrists.

  16. Had them on my 13 and now have them on my 15… love them, night and day difference

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