Any of you that live out of your TT, RV, Van, etc


Question: Any of you that live out of your TT, RV, Van, etc. What type of work do you do or how do you fund your life? Trying to figure out what to do on the road long before my savings dwindles to little!!

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  1. Social Security, Pension, & VA Disability.
    Enough in savings to replace Everything!!
    Works fer Me!!

  2. I am not yet old enough to collect Social Security and I took out my retirement funds to help raise my daughter when my ex split and failed to pay child support for the better part of 16 yrs. That fund supplemented my income until my daughter went off to college.

  3. I am blessed to be able to work from wherever as long as I have internet. I will be getting solar so that I don't have to pay to park and get power. I am also getting my business up online. There are work from home remote jobs out there too. I am also going to see about doing labor at state parks. Also I have heard a lot about workamping but don't know much.

  4. We live full time in our 5th wheel. I am a travel nurse and my husband will be soon

  5. Retirement here and no savings. I carve wood and rock and sometimes show at flea markets and farmers/crafts markets. Stay within budget and try to keep my van running.

  6. Do a search for work camping and you can find all kinds of jobs. I'm currently working as a high school teacher ( I train computer techs), paying off debt, saving like crazy and plan on a RV lifestyle in the next year or two. I figure I will have an investment account with the money from the sale of my home and savings. I should have a steady stream of income from that, but not much. To young to collect SS on the retirements I do have, so I plan on traveling and working until I'm 65.. then I do the same, just with more money! I too worried about finding work, but I think there are plenty things a person can do…

  7. I gas jug and travel for free

  8. Everythibg u need to survive is out there free learn to use ur resources food banks

  9. I agree with above, small chores like gardening, house painting, lawn mowing, spring cleaning, etc. Things that anyone can do, but people don't WANT to do. I make $20 an hour just shoveling snow. On its own it's not much, but when you add up a bunch of small jobs it can really help.

  10. We're too young to retire, and our generation doesn't get pensions. When we decided to hit the road, the first thing we did was spend several years preparing. We sold everything off a little at a time, paid our debts off, and stopped all unnecessary spending. We used money from the selling of our stuff to buy a truck and camper. We used our 401k funds to buy annuities that guarantee us a small monthly income for 25 years. The money that was left over after buying our rig, we kept as a safety net. We work/volunteer to add money to the safety net, and save money on site/utilities. Above all, we live below our means, even if it means beans/rice or sandwiches, lol! You also have to have a budget that fits your income, and stick to it. As many have said, work isn't hard to find if you're looking; a google search for "workamping jobs" will show you that. You'll also meet people on the road, who are more than happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. Hope this helps.

  11. Thank you everyone!! Lots of good ideas and tips. I will update on what I end up deciding/doing!

  12. Class B van here.

  13. How do yall get ur benefits with out a mailing address. I get food stamps n such but they dont accept p.o. boxes.

  14. But you have to be a resident at a real address for a certain amount of time to get the benefits. Im in shitstate Florida so thats where my benefits renewals have to be mailed.

  15. Do these services cost icky money?

  16. Oh you cant use a p.o. box. Were a poor group. Ty for the answers ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gotta figure out income! !!!!

  17. I have a obamafone with the food stamps but if I change address out of fla, I looose benefits. ๐Ÿ™

  18. There is also phone work out there as well.

  19. Food stamps is a program to help people get on their feet NOT Benefits! Get a job and go were ever you want… Welfare and food stamps are a prison for the soul…..

  20. Chuck Manz
    Really? Ur gona tell a cancer positive momma with a handicapped husband that????? Wtf man. Did I rag on you?

  21. No, even with life challenges, jobs equal freedom. If you are already used to making on less, you can adapt to RV lifestyle. Travel and really live. Pubic assistance is a trap. Many of my family are caught in that trap and I almost ended up there too. Real freedom and a real life are out there…..

  22. With out that trap, here in sfla where there is no jobs. … we woukda starved. Id love to get a bus again but we dont have the money yet. We dont have ssi or ssd or retirement. Were flat broke livin in the dam ghetto. Check urself before assuming anything about my life.

  23. I don't think anyone was really judging you specifically Quantom K-Bellz Anomaly but Chuck has a point….there are other ways to live besides food stamps. They were designed to help temporarily but statistically many people get on them and then don't actively look for work etc. I was on them for a short period of time while recovering from a life threatening illness but didn't like the constant hoops I had to jump through to get stamps that in no way MET my food needs but instead only helped slightly. Instead I went back to work and learned to live very simply. Everyone has different needs etc. Whatever works for you is what you have to do, but don't rule out advice!!

  24. I just didn't like the way he assumed I could just get off my iv and walk to a job. :/
    Sall good.

  25. No you're reading to much into that, I want everyone to have a happy life. Assistance all though necessary at times can be a trap….fight for your freedom, NEVER think you can't make it without P.A.. Find a way!

  26. Im hoping to find a cure for cancer and ill be all set ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Believe..

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