Any ladies have a good boot they just love?


Yesterday it was 76 in the House and 85 outside and my feet are already starting up again. This winter I’m looking for the best boots possible for my feet!! Not really wanting the suede like Uggs. Any ladies have a good boot they just love?

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  1. Uggs now do leather boots I've only mentioned them as there good for keeping my feet warm also EMU

  2. I like Muck boots.

  3. I have found what best works for me is when I stop focusing on just my feet and hands and instead keep all of me warm as in many layers of clothing good wool socks and wool gloves but also a good wool hat if I keep all of me warm it works a lot better then just when I try to keep feet and hands warm I also am learning my triggers like cold drinks I now sticking to room temperature drinks only. Cutting up cold meat is a killer as is getting things out of the freezer I did hate grocery shopping as it was always to cold for me but last week with my many layers and hat socks and gloves I looked like a tool but it worked so make sure to get a good hat as well as dress in many layers the trick is to always be as warm as you would be in the summer

  4. I've realized as long as I wear my husbands Hanes sock or heavy Alpaca socks with my hand warmers in my shoes (yes hand warmers in my shoes bc they work better than toe warmers) I'm usually ok.

  5. I have knitted uggs and they have fur on the inside. They work for me, I just water proof the outside with a spray.

  6. I have a pair of Columbia boots that are rated for 30 degrees below zero. That's what i use outside. Inside I use heavy socks and sit under a heated throw. I use heated insoles in my shoes if I am going out and need shoes and not boots. I have a heated steering wheel for driving and heated mouse for work. And I live in Florida…lol!

  7. When I lived in Vermont, all the snazzy moms wore Bogs.

  8. Here is an excellent article with good tips. I'm going to order my winter boots ASAP. I had a rough winter last year.

  9. I just bought earlier this year Kamik. Very good! They can protect your feet from below -40° weather.

  10. Sketchers chugga boots they are so warm and like walking on air ,they are suede so need to be sprayed to waterproof them but the inside is lovely warm fur and the insole is memory foam covered in fur ,helped me so much last winter and they last for years

  11. My house is 77 and its 85 outside and im dealing with it too. Following!

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