Any ideas on heated socks?


Any ideas on heated socks? I’m not sure which ones really work? Thanks!

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  1. Check with The Warming Store

  2. I didn't find heated socks that worked well or were not bulky. So I use "hot hands" insole warmers. I order them at Amazon. They stick to your socks and keep your feet super warm.

  3. I wear thermal socks. Tmaxx I believe is the name

  4. I can't find the warming store?? I need something for my feet ,legs and hands

  5. Leggings under my jeans are great for my legs.

  6. Oops, I wanted to add, they are plenty warm but it doesn't do anything for the warming on the inside. It feels plenty warm on my feet, but it takes forever before I feel warm enough inside my feet, if that makes sense. I think heated slippers would be nice but you can't wear those inside your boots/shoes.

  7. Heatholders brand works for me

  8. Look for wool socks. 100 percent or as close as possible. Wash by hand and hang up to dry.

  9. I also find that the heated socks are too bulky and most have a huge battery pack attached to them.
    I bought thermacell heated insoles. I put them in my shoes during and day and my slippers at night.
    The only complaint I have is that they don't fit well into my shoes.
    I'm a size 6 woman's. I have size 7 boots and slippers specifically to accommodate my insoles. That being said you CAN cut them down to size but I'm too scared that I will accidentally cut the cords. They are too expensive and valuable to me to risk them not working.
    Another downfall is that they only last 3 hours on high before having to charge again.

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