Any help with our 18 z1000


1st time posting a question; Ok I have seen many posts about squeaky brake pads. Have also seen folks chamfer or grind down all four edges at 45’ angle. Does any of this work? Are there aftermarket pads (i.e. EBC, Autozone, etc) that anyone has tried? I heard the grinding option only last for a short period of time. Any help with our ‘18 z1000 with 900+ miles would be greatly appreciated.

Any help with our 18 z1000

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  1. We have tried all the tricks that people have said works, chamfering edges, re barnishng the pads, coating the backs with the red sticky stuff….nothing works for us.

  2. I chamfered all the pads on my 2018 z1000. Didn’t help.

  3. On my old 800, which has a different design then the new 1000s, Mine all squeaked so bad it drove me nuts. I am not sure if it was the combination of all I did or one specific thing but it did quit…and hasn’t come back in well over 1200 miles now. This is all of what I did: 1. changes all pads out with the softer "X" EBCs, Chamfered and leading and trailing edges to 30 degrees, used the red anti squeak on all pad backs…and found that all the slides were seized causing only one pad to make contact so fixed all those. I also switched over to a synthetic brake fluid…yes, it got a full-flush.

  4. EBC makes higher performance pads that don’t squeak. Also it is not uncommon for the brakes to be missing lubrication from the factory which makes them prone to jamming up and not functioning correctly. I did the same stuff that Clark did: swap out pads with EBC, Red anti squeak lube, and flushed the system with Dot 5. I did mine mostly because the brakes were almost scary (ineffective) with 28’s and the noise suppression was icing on the cake. My ride is an 800 Trail EPS, So I am not sure what pads EBC makes for the 1000

  5. Mine squeak cause I get rocks in there I’ve taken mine off a few times and put them back on and its stopped then go put and get side ways and the squeaking happens.

  6. Anyone have a part number or link to some better pads?

  7. We have brought this to the attention of CF moto (we are a dealer) they are currently designing a softer pad but it has not yet been released. So far I haven’t found any aftermarket options

  8. No squeaky brakes here. 2017 Z8ex 600 miles.

  9. Let the engine brake do most of the braking for you

  10. Best thing is to find a hill and ride your brakes. Worked for me.

  11. Devin Williams… Some ideas for your bike

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