Any Advantages to Lowering a Bike?


Hey guys, any advantages to lowering a bike?

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  1. if you ride it, no. if you only go to bike nights and park, then yea i guess it looks cool?

  2. Does anyone happen to know how to un lower a bike? Lol…..I just bought an 05 636 and it’s already lowered. I want it stock height. I can adjust the dog bone, but don’t have a clue about triple tree. Any direction is appreciated.

  3. dogbones are what you need to put back to stock. some of them have a stock setting. just gotta get under there and look

  4. take a pic of the forks at the triple tree, a few guys here can tell if its been altered.

  5. cool. Will do tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion too.

  6. Theres 3 rings around the top of the fork tubes. They’re 5mm apart. Lower the forks in the triples to the first line from the top.

  7. Zero, unless you have very short legs.

  8. Mine is lowered and scrapes at every decent corner I lean Into. Sucks.

  9. Absolutely nothing, and it gets to make the bike look stupid

  10. It would probably benefit this guy

  11. Mines lowered one inch just so i can touch lol. It does handle a little different. But as of now its mostly a commuter and im in stop and go traffic often. I have yet to lean it over enough to scrape.

  12. Mines lowered. Lifting it back because it’s way too low and it scrapes. I bought it lowered in my defense

  13. It lowers a center of mass, basic physics.

  14. If you lower your bike The bike will suck and heavy when you ride , high speed corner unstable

  15. I have really really really short legs. This was my only option.

  16. The only advantage of lowering a bike is so that those of us who are vertically challenged can get both tiptoes on the floor. There are more disadvantages to lowering a bike so I would only recommend it for people who want to get more purchase on the floor.

  17. It makes you look a right cunt which is really cool if, like me, all your mates are cunts too. But to be honest you could look like a cunt without lowering the bike which basically fucks it up.

  18. If you lower and stretch a bike or helps keep the font and down on a drag strip on take off. For normal riding it ruins the bike in turns.

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