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So go a question for you all that have dogs. Well bigger dogs that is..I would love to start trailering, but I’m to the point I’m tired of leaving my son (German Shepherd) at home. So are there any trailers out there that catered to just big dogs and hauling items..don’t really need a camper yet?

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  1. my dogs only 5 pounds and rides anywhere but I’d like to know more as well

  2. One word: Sidecar.

  3. Im Building 1 for 2 German shepherds

  4. have to re center the hitch with the side car and some sides only go 45mph, so watch that

  5. We bought a used one for our border collie- best pet trailer we’ve found.

  6. I installed a partition in my cargo trailer and built a new lid to go over it, cargo volume hasn’t reduced very much as I can load gear a bit higher. The partition can be easily removed and it doubles as the dogs bed once at the campsite. The dog also wears a harness so she can’t stick her head out the side too far. I added extra padding on the sides and floor for insulation and noise dampening. The lid has tinted perspex above, behind and in front with open sides for extra ventilation and wind protection.

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