An inverter to plug in the car battery charger


Does anyone use an inverter to plug in their car battery charger,then just constantly have a continuous circle of power..would that even work,,and what damages could occur I wonder?

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  1. LOL — That would be nice ! Unfortunately, every device wastes energy, and as Dennis says, pretty soon — kaput !

  2. Part of the energy produced is lost as heat created by resistance in the wiring and in the electronic components. Therefore every cycle would still lose some of the energy that's produced. That's the reasons why Perpetual Motion Machines and Free Energy doesn't exist.

  3. Perpetual motion… Not yet

  4. Two words, parasitic loss, you will accomplish nothing except for killing a battery…

  5. Ive used that way with a small charger to charge up the boat batteries when Traveling, but when stopped you need to unplug, to much draw on your vehicles battery.

  6. Why would you bring the inverter and charger into play? You would be turning 12v to 110v just to turn it back to 12v when all you have to do is start the car to charge them. If nothing else, jumper cables. But you want to convert it as few times as possible. Your vehicle already has a charge controller built into its system. Running a line back to the wiring harness and into a second battery would allow it to charge those as well with out all the extra equipment.

  7. It was a quick easy way to charge my boat batteries. They needed to be charged daily and sometimes not near electric outlets. I wasnt looking for anything fulltime

  8. That's kind of what a De-Sulfator does. It helps if you have more than one battery.

  9. I hope that was a joke!!!

  10. Greg Hinze what they are discussing is running an inverter to run a charger to charge the same battery that the inverter is being run off of. Like I said, two words…parasitic loss

  11. oh sorry my Bad

  12. OHHHHH. I missunderstood. But still a nogo

  13. question when you run a wire to charge a battery from your vehicles battery do you run that straight off the positive post and do you run it into a charge controler or staight to the other battery OK more than one question sorry

  14. Thanks Brian

  15. Yea, things get lost with this many comments in a post, defiantly a nogo, I suspect doing this for any length of time will just fry everything..

  16. Then just run a ground wire off the other battery to something metal??

  17. Ive never done it before but as long as you dont try to charge a monstrous battery bank then the vehicles charge controller should easily handle the load. A single line to the boat would work as long as it was grounded as well. I may be wrong…. if i am someone tell me now because this is how i am wiring mine.

  18. By the way. I am soo greatful for the knowledge gained from you guys. Ty vm

  19. Well Greg Hinze, some old school rvrs and budget rvrs have been charging coach batteries that way for years(directly)my dad did it on his, it works, not the best way though, at least put a switch in-line(if you forget to turn it off while parked you will have a dead starting battery)a better way is to use a remote switch(solenoid)that is switched by the ignition. The best way is an isolator.

  20. Boat is gone now Im just wanting to charge like a 120ah battery single. I just need it for light at night, maybe a small fan, and charge a lappy up.

  21. OK cool Thanks. I saw someone on you tube that had a toggle switch thats why I was woundering. I dont have a RV I go by way of Jeep and a Tent 🙂 for now Like to get a small camper one of these yrs

  22. But Im heading out for a month early june, see how I do on the road before I try fulltime which Id like to do come fall So sick of 52 below weather

  23. I envy you Greg, still trying to sell the house…

  24. Well Im going to half to deal with that too a Mobile Home But they seem to go fairly fast here so much cheaper than a house just lose money on them easily

  25. The market is crap here, Mine is paid off and people want me to give it away, and I'm already asking 20% lower than market…this economy and retirement is killing me.

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  27. Sorry, off topic rant…carry on

  28. Im retired/ disabled myself, Man I know it, its getting tough out there. With living here I barely make it every month. when I go out full time, I actually have money in the bank again 🙂 Rarely pay for camping

  29. You can use an inverter but you don't want to run a gasoline engine.

  30. Where does your power magicly come from? Im thinking someone may have missunderstood the subject at hand.

  31. No misunderstanding. You run a gasoline engine too long at idle and you will melt it. Diesel is different, or at least the big ones are.

  32. solar panels…and don't get too high an inverter…takes energy to run those…just one lil above the highest plug in you want to use to handle the turn on surge…Solar is getting rediculously cheap, check online.

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