Alright, I give up. What is this for?


Alright, I give up. What is this for?

Alright, I give up.  What is this for?

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  1. I believe it is the reverse bypass

  2. Reverse override

  3. Override for reverse

  4. What is reverse override?

  5. can only be flash full high beam to warn you about to overtake or the like. All motor bikes have this on left control.

  6. It activate your flux capacitor, get up to 88 mph in reverse and watch shit happen!!!

  7. Lol.

    It’s hazard light switch for the bike. They are not wired from factory for U.S. bikes. Only come wired in foreign countries where they are road legal.

  8. It allows you to bypass the rev limiter in 4 wheel differential lock.

  9. Dan Scott is right!

  10. Over ride for reverse probably

  11. How do u post a picture on face book ?????????????????

  12. It is in the Owner’s Manual. Does anyone read them anymore?

  13. Rev limiter override. Mostly handy when you want full power while in reverse or when your front diff is locked

  14. Nitrous button.

  15. Ejection seat switch. If you fall off your rig, you know you have pushed it.

  16. Reverse speed control override

  17. Diff lock speed override

  18. When your in diff lock the bike is limited how fast you can go. Hold that button and it gives you all the power

  19. It’s the nitrous button, don’t hit unless you have a clear runway.

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