Adding forward controls to my 2016 iron.


Hey everyone, I have a quick question on adding forward controls to my 2016 iron. Is it hard to do? I read it’s mainly bolt on. Also, would a kit from eBay for $100-$200 be as good as a $400-$500 kit from Harley or Revzilla? Question owner: Kevin

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  1. I bought mine from Harley. Took maybe 2 hours only because I had to do some grinding on the foot pegs.

  2. Not hard at all to make it easier do the left (shift) side first… I had to pull my exhaust off to do the right side and use plenty of red lock-tight

  3. why pay harley 100s when a cheaper set is available,they are just as good and probably made in the same factory,got two sets for the wifes and mine good quality no isues

  4. The HD set is the least expensive quality set. If you’re gonna buy parts that cost 1/3 what HD parts cost, you may wanna rethink riding a Harley

  5. Your bike dude put what you want on there. Make sure what you order online you can ship back for free. If you don’t like it ship it back. That’s my two cent.

  6. I’ve put forward controls on my 2013 Iron. I LOVE them and will never ride anything else. As for install, they are pretty easy. As for buying a cheapo’ set, I would advise against it. Pay the extra money for a top quality. They will stay adjusted for linkage and hold up better in the long run.

  7. Thanks everyone for your input. As popular as sporters are, I was surprised that there was not much info or many videos of people installing the forwards on the iron. I’ll definitely be getting some forwards and putting them on myself in the coming months.

  8. I recently bought a set new off eBay really cheap. Easy to fit and great quality. I fitted Genuine Harley forwards to my Previous 883 – no better and much dearer!

  9. I am struggling getting my mids off. It’s not as easy as people say.

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