Added the yoshimura exhaust on Can Am


Added the yoshimura exhaust I think it sounds pretty good! Good growl but not so loud you can’t think after riding for 10 min!

Added the yoshimura exhaust on Can Am

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  1. It gets louder after it’s broke in

  2. Be careful of the spark arrestor getting packed with mud. I rode yesterday and barely any mud and mine got packed

  3. What’s the typical break in period?

  4. This is after a few cleans already. I have a feeling it’s just going to stay out

  5. Hunter Farmer tell about when they get broke in good

  6. Oh trust if you ride water it’ll get way louder

  7. Take baffle out

  8. Spark arrestor blew out of mine now shes loud as fuck lol

  9. I have been looking everywhere for one in Europe…. Can anyone get one and sent it to me!

  10. put one of this in it makes a huge difference

  11. Where did you get yours?

  12. I have the same one love it

  13. Wait til it gets broke in it will sound even better

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