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I’ve got a 2016 250xc, I’m running the acerbis plastic skid plate, but it has come off several times while riding (lost my obie link guard due to this). Looking for a new skid plate, anyone running the cycra full combat? I’d like plastic or carbon, open to suggestions on good plastic ones but for some reason the cycra caught my eye. So I’m looking for anyone with experience with these. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Need to get that aluminum enduro engineering one sir lol

  2. Tm designs plastic skid plate is awesome. I’ve beat the shit out of mine for 100 hours and no issues.

  3. Pro Carbon product is awesome.

  4. P3 makes the best carbon skid plates out there. Awesome product.

  5. AXP makes a great skid plate . the regular one has a mount that can come loose but the extreme version has a real nice mounting system . the plastic is about 3/8″ thick !!

  6. I’ve had 2 TM designs and the licensed Polysport copy. They are good. I put the AXP extreme on my new 300 and it will be my go to from here on. A couple times a year on average I put the TM design mounting hardware and straighten it. I’ll never have to do that with the AXP. Guaranteed

  7. Just put a TM disigns plate with link gaurd built in on my my tx300 tonight. Very good quality hardware. Fits secure with 3 mounting points. Solid disign

  8. So no one seems to know about cycra, but as usual, TMD gets the plastic vote. Looks like that’s what I’ll get most likely.

  9. I looked into the cycra, but I called tmd directly and they have excellent customer service. He explained the differences between there product and his. Thinkness, coverage and hardware quality is the biggest differences. It was enough to steer me to there product. We ended up talking about suspension setup, etc for 45 mins just shooting the sh!t . Guy was great, Very knowledgeable. But i did look into the cycra.. it is a good looking plate, but I’ve had the acerbis plates along the same lines.. they get blown out fast….

  10. John Seavey I’m certainly not impressed with the acerbis plate…i appreciate the insight. Seems like the the reviews on rmatv are the same as what the TMD guy told you.

  11. I’m cheap, I usually go with the acerbis. But I stepped up to the plate this time… Only time will tell

  12. TMD skid plate works great!

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