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05-06 zx636…if im understanding this right theres a muffler…mid pipe which has a pre-chamber (like a resonator?) And the then header piping which is where the Cat is!? So the other piece is a pre-chamber not a cat?

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  1. Headers go 4-2-1. Small cat is in the last section of this. Then there is a link pipe section. Then there is the muffler.

  2. Okay guys ty very much..so that rectangle box looking thing is actually the cat not pre-chamber…i was reading that people confuse that with the cat which is actually sleeved in the header pipe idk im wondering options for decat

  3. You read that wrong. The cat IS in the headers.

  4. Forgive me Danny so if I want to remove the cat am I taking out the mid pipe also known as the link pipe or am I actually replacing the headers which go to the motor itself

  5. You either replace the headers or you drill out the cat from the end of he headers. Iv personally removed the cat by drilling and using a chisel turning the oem headers into decat headers.

  6. Is there a diy video or thread/write-up on this danny

  7. Not sure buddy, although it’s pretty self explanatory. You can see the cat and what you need to remove when you look down the headers

  8. Can you read the comment below and give your thought and its for my 06 636..hes saying dont bother……

  9. He’s saying don’t bother if you have a stock end can and the collector box still fitted. If you have a slipon and a link pipe you’ll benefit from a decat.

  10. awesome youve all been a lot of help…ill obtain some black widdow headers and then do a ecu flash..i wont need a power commander as well right…

  11. an Ecu flash will be fine buddy as long as you actually get it tuned and don’t just send the Ecu to some random dude. You do have a link pipe and a slipon don’t you?

  12. Well.i have the yoshi rs5 which slipped onto my down pipe which connects.to my headers..i beleive

  13. Im considering blackbeard Factory headers

  14. lackbeard doesn’t tune your bike he only flashes a map onto it. Take it to get tuned!

  15. If you have the original muffler it is restrictive. A race muffler will create a straight path for the exhaust gases whereas the original muffler forces the gases have to go though a small labyrinth before exiting the muffler.
    The cat is in the headers but gutting the cat on this model doesn’t do much. I wouldn’t bother with a decat unless I already had the back part of the system off for some other reason. A decat is more beneficial on the later models where the cats became massive and sapped power.

  16. I have k&n..servo buddy with yoshi rs5..jump mod and sprocketed…so ur saying leave the cat…

  17. Basically you can do it but it’s not going to net you a load of power. The cats on the 05-06 are not that restrictive. I have an 06 with an akrapovic muffler and custom map on a power commander 5. With a standard filter I’m getting 118.5bhp. I’m happy with that but I’m not in a rush to decat it. If you’ve done that work and to yours but don’t have a custom map of some sort of say do the decat before the custom map bit in all honesty the most restrictive thing about the exhaust system in its original state is the muffler.

  18. what was the bike putting out before the custom map Darren ive got a akrapovic slip on decatted std headers k&n and a pc3 with one of there free maps at the mo! id be stoked to see 118bhp once i get it on the dyno

  19. At the time of mapping I actually had a scorpion slip on Charles, not the scorpion. Prior to the custom map I had a generic download map like you. The bike made 111.5bhp on the Dyno before the work was done. I don’t know what the bike was making before I fitted the powercommander but the extra 7bhp was noticable everywhere. The bike was dynoed at HM Racing in Edenbridge btw.

  20. wicked thats exactly were i plan on going lol small world you go out on track ?

  21. They are good guys over there, they also done my friends 10r. No I don’t go on track, I don’t have the time or money. One day I’ll have a track bike though.

  22. i hear ya went brands last week 1st time on track my bike is a road bike 90% of the time but i saw a deal on a set of track fairings and had to do it i highly highly recommend it you’ll come away with shit loads more confidence i learnt something new every session !

  23. I’d love to do brands? I’ve been collecting bits for my bike over the 2 years I’ve had it so it should be a great track bike once I’ve had the suspension set up for my weight. It’s got ktech cartridges and ohlins rear. It’s way better than I am, one day I’ll learn how to ride it properly. Where are you based?

  24. HM do suspension too, same price. Next time I’m there I’ll get them to look at it but to be fair brands is closer to me. I’m in Gillingham, Kent but originally a South London boy too – Brixton, Thornton Heath, South Norwood.

  25. Someone has some ktech forks for sale on zx6r UK but I’m not sure if it’s the valve kit or the cartridges like what are in mine.

  26. ha ha wtf man im originally from t’heath crazy shit

  27. ill look um up now thanks!

  28. Lol. Hunter road, just off of woodville road, spent my teen years there. Small world indeed

  29. how old u bro? i lived on sandfield just off parchmore lol

  30. 39 now. Parents were there until 2007.
    Here you go

  31. if your ever around mate get in touch were always up for a blast !

  32. Will do broski.

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