98 1500E windshield


I'm going to replace my windshield. The mount has five attachment points on the verticals. How do I know what will fit? I'm nervous about ordering a windshield. My bike is a '98 1500E.

98 1500E windshield

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  1. If that’s a stock windshield from Kawasaki then you should be able to at least order another from them. I’ve seen new real kawasaki Vulcan windshields for sale as new old stock on ebay.

  2. Even if you get an aftermarket one it will come with instructions, the windows will fit any bike it the hardware that’s different but mostly universal.

  3. I put Memphis Fats on mine came with mounts.

  4. looks like a Memphis Shade, easy to replace.

  5. That is an OEM windshield. Clearview makes a replacement that’s drilled to fit your mount.

  6. Memphis Shade has different bolt pattern.

  7. The previous owner of my bike tried to clean the windshield with something but now it’s so bad can’t even use it. I ordered a new one from Clearview Shields and waiting for it to come in. Their windshields use the factory brackets so easy to mount up.

  8. Rifle windshield and way cheaper than dealership plus you can choose the size and color

  9. Memphis shade. Just to repeat that it a good choice. You will have to buy the hardware to install. They have sport style to the 22′ road king style.

  10. I’m going to take advantage of this thread and ask the same question regarding a replacement. 05 Drifter 800, width 23 inches, height from the top of the cutout 22 inches. And I want to use the hardware already on the bike.

  11. I’ve heard of people using a propane torch and applying heat in circles motion and it would clear all the scratch and make it look new.

    Be worth a shot since you’re replacing it.

  12. partzilla.com find your bike look up windshield part number and go from there to other sites

  13. Rifle sells replacement plexiglas…I have bought a couple from them with no problems

  14. A fine metal polish and a buffing machine or lots of elbow grease will restore the old one to like new

  15. YouTube polishing motorcycle windshield

  16. Get on Memphis Shades and just orderr replacement glass? that way you don’t need to worry about new hardware

  17. Instead of replacing take it off and polish it mine looked like that spent a couple hours on it looks brand new now

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