800xc beeps 2 times?


I have a question. Is it normal when I start my brand new 800xc that it beeps 2 times with oil light on?

800xc beeps 2 times?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Mine does the same thing.

  2. Mine doesn’t it to

  3. Ok thank you. Just wanted to make sure it was nothing I had to worry about

  4. Our 600 does the same thing. But my 500 doesn’t.

  5. 600 and 800 atvs have similar warning system actions….it’s in your owners manual.

  6. It’s all good.

  7. Just asked the same question in aonther page!


    same thing on the 450 and 520 , dealer said its just the oil pressure .it does it 2 times ony right?

  8. Perfectly normal, and may last a few seconds longer in cold weather.That’s the low oil pressure warning, which is to be expected until the engine has run long enough for the oil passages to pressurize.

  9. Mine does it also! It’s ok.

  10. I am an ATV dealer for CFMOTO and the XC 800 and the New 800 sxs beep a few times upon start up. That’s normal the oil pressure sending unit is calibrating and measuring oil pressure.

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